Set me free

I work to get you out of my mind; I walk to get you out of mind; I dance to get you out of my mind.
Set me free; let me forget you; let me forget that love I feel for you. I know my love for you is impossible, it won’t be real; it’s just in my head; not in yours.
Set me free; let me go; let me be free from that pain; push me away; make me forget you.

When I write every word I think of you; think of your brown eyes that look like my favorite coffee with a little bit of cream; think of your voice that is like beautiful classic music; think of your lips with its lines that God drew it perfectly.
Think of your skin that shines like the sun in the middle of the sky; think of your the muscle of your body, every inch in it shows how you work hard; think of your dark side, it’s my favorite; that side hides a lot of who you are; hides your anger, your obsession, your passions and your madness.
Think of the other side; the good one, when you’re so kind and so gentle; when you play with kids and become one like them; when you hold a baby and smile to his face; your smile that makes me smile without even knowing why am I smiling? Your smile looks like a flower that opens to fill the world with its smell.

When I walk I feel you holding my hand; when I close my eyes I see you; when I dream, I dream about you.
When I dance I feel you hugging me; I feel that every step is for you.
What have you done to me? How can I love someone that’s so far from me? How can I love you? I should not fall into you; I should stop myself.
Set me free; let me forget you, set me free and I’m bad at love and should not be you who I fall for; Just let me be free from you and your impossible love.


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