Hello everyone; How are you today? So this is not a story or article or anything; it’s just a little talk I’ll have with you all to know each other; maybe I was supposed to do this at the beginning of making my blog but late is better than never.

So the first thing when we meet someone, we shake hands then say “hi, I’m Nourhan; you can call me Nour; short and simple.” I’m from Egypt; the question you’ll all ask is why am I writing in English if I’m Egyptian and speak Arabic; okay, simply because most of the countries and people all over the world speak English. Maybe my English not perfect no one is my dear so don’t judge I’m working on it…

Yeah, so I want my words to spread all over the world; ‘Hmm; not easy; but not Impossible :D’ anyway, I love English language so much and think that this is an easy way to talk and spread my thoughts and share it with all of you wherever you are in this huge world.

SO What Am I working or doing? the typical question πŸ˜€ I’m a freelance writer and photographer; ‘to tell you something πŸ˜€ this job not easy at all.’

What this blog about?
Of course, anyone will pass by this blog will ask that question. I love writing short stories, stories in episodes like shows, thoughts, motivational articles, and oh yeah; I love movies and shows so from now you’ll see me writing about movies and shows whether old or new one…

SO, if you love my blog, please, follow and hope you enjoy it; if you pass by it read and enjoy; you will also see there is a poll, please answer it to help me improving my blog… Thank you all so much and hope I’m not talking a lot πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ Love you all XO XO XO


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