Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional artist) part 2

Hello everyone, how are you? I’m here again to write another part about Mads Mikkelsen; yeah; I know what you’re going to say; I adore him so much; okay everyone without any further talking let’s begin our journey. 😀

Last time I talked about “Hannibal” the show and the movie “A Royal Affair”; this time I’m going to talk about two movies have meaningful messages.

1- After the wedding:

Danish: Efter brylluppet

A beautiful movie talks about a man manages an orphanage in India calls Jacob (Mads Mikkelsen); children love him so much and he loves them too; The orphanage faces a lot of danger for eight years and faces bankruptcy. Jacob has to go back where he lived before India; go back to Denmark to meet the CEO of a Danish corporation that offers a substantial donation to maintain the orphanage provided. The CEO wants to meet Jacob personally.

At first, Jacob didn’t accept to go back to Denmark, but then he accepted because they need money. He flew to Denmark and meet the CEO Mr. Jørgen (Rolf Lassgard); you will see Jørgen is a social man. Jørgen after the first meeting with Jacob, he invited him to his daughter’s wedding, Jacob refused politely, but Jørgen insisted on him to come.

From the wedding we are going to see the real story; for me, the two men here are the main characters and the heroes of the movie they are amazing; I won’t tell you the rest of it; I’ll leave it to you to watch it. Just go and watch it; it’s a fantastic movie with a beautiful message; maybe you don’t like movies in other languages, but trust me it’s worthy 😀 maybe you don’t like drama, but this one just the right drama. take the risk and watch it what are you going to lose? nothing I think. 😀 😉 If you decided to watch you’ll find it with English subtitle. Enjoy it :*

2- King Arthur

Do you love history, legends and all of those things; here you are I got you something old but always old is the best. King Arthur 2004 movie; here “Mads” wasn’t the hero, but he was from the main characters and guess what here he met “Hugh Dancy” for the first time 😀

Fun Fact I never liked that movie, but after knowing that “Mads” and “Hugh” were in the movie I watched it even if they weren’t the heroes of it. of course I liked the movie and the story after watching it; again another sign not to judge a movie without watching it first. 😀

Maybe all of you or the most of you know the story of Arthur or King Arthur; the Legend of Arthur; there were also other legends call the Arthurian worriers; Tristan, Lancelot, Bors, Gawain, Galahad, and Dagonet; If any of you didn’t watch the movie, please, go and watch it; here I won’t tell you the story of the movie, but I’ll talk about Mads’s character “Tristan”<3 😀

I loved that look and this pic with that beautiful hawk

The Character “Tristan” so quiet, strong and his eyes sharp like his Hawk; you won’t see “Mads” talks a lot in the movie, but you’ll see his acting skills without much words to say. The look you see here showed us a man that been taken from his homeland to fight for Rome; also you will see a man who was so faithful to Arthur and believed in him.

Why I loved Mads here? because here you’ll see his acting skills with his eyes expressions; for God’s sake he’s so handsome in this worrier’s look; anyway 😀 actually because every time you are going to see a scene of Mads here, you’ll understand him without any word, just look at his eyes, look at him when he talked a little to his hawk, you’ll see how much he loved his hawk. See him in the scene while Hugh “Galahad” said: “I’m not killing for fun like other people” then the camera turned to Mads “Tristan’s” face; he answered him: “You’ve to try it…” then they laughed.

Here this movie isn’t about Mads being the hero of the movie, but this one shows us how Mads can act different characters, how his skills are amazing and so brilliant, it’s like an adventure for me to see him in different movies; sometimes he’s a devil, sometimes he’s the hero, sometimes he’s the co-actor and other times he will show up in the movie for few seconds maybe minutes, but every time you’ll see him, you’ll see how much he’s an amazing, brilliant and exceptional actor. ❤

So here was another two movies; please, go watch them and enjoy them, try new things, try to watch movies in other languages. Hope you enjoyed reading this part and wait for the other parts soon here at “The coffee stories” Blog. XO XO have a good day or a good nigh or a good afternoon everyone, wherever you’re in the world; enjoy it and be happy ❤


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