Go behind your dreams #1

“Your Home is Whatever in This World You Love More than You Love Yourself.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Hello everyone; How are you all? Today we will talk about lifestyle and how to get the life you want; how to achieve your dreams; how to be who you want to be! Maybe I’m not the best to give you ideas or tips and tricks about life and dreams, but I may be the best to tell you everything is a possible baby because I’m normal as you are and struggling every day with the same struggles you might have in your life.

So grab your coffee or tea or soda or even beer if you want or maybe just water and let’s talk a little; actually, I’m drinking ice coffee if you want some 😀 it’s my favorite 😀 This is part one of ‘Go behind your dreams’ series; so come with me and let’s begin…

You hear everyone says the same cliche “you can and you will” or “work hard to get it” or “it’s all in your hands”; there’s a lot of cliches and by the way I say it too sometimes; the problem isn’t those cliches; the problem is we take it as cliche so we don’t believe it.

You may hear so many YouTubers talk about that topic or you may read many bloggers wrote about it; but I won’t tell you the same as they wrote or said before; I’m watching some Youtubers that I love them so much and learned things from them; also you’ll find some podcasts that talk about motivation and lifestyle and all of that. I’m gonna tell you some of them on each specific topic.

You read a quote I wrote for ‘Elizabeth Gilbert’ the another of ‘eat, pray, and love’ I love that book also the movie; if you aren’t a reader; go and see the movie if you didn’t watch it yet. The quote is talking about finding your own home within yourself, within what you love the most, what you love more than yourself; this isn’t cliche believe me this is more realistic than you think; for an example if you love to solve mathematical problems and accounting, go and do it and learn more about it; if you love writing why not begin now?

The meaning is to find what you love more than yourself and then here you’re you took the first step through your dreams and the life you want.

This talk isn’t just for people who dream to be writers or filmmakers or YouTubers or bloggers or podcasters or photographers; it’s for everyone; if you work at a company and want to have your firm; if you’re an engineer and want to begin your project or build something; whoever you’re and whatever your dream is, this is for you.

Every cliche you hear or read it’s true, but it became cliche because we read and hear it too much; we can’t believe that dreams can be true because it’s easy for us to give up and we think that’s how everything is okay and we can feel good about it, but no it’s not good and not okay to give up; it’s not about having a lot of money or about living in the best country or city or whatever to achieve your dreams.

Every day I struggle to make my dreams come true because without my dreams there’s no “ME”, I have a blog with 13 followers only, but before they were just 3 and I’m happy with those 13 followers and grateful for them; I love writing and can’t give up on it; I love movies so much that I won’t give up the dream of being a filmmaker; so what do you love more than yourself? What do you love more than every rejection you faced? What do you love more than people who tell you “Enough, give up”? What do you love more than giving up? Believe that you can and somehow our minds are amazing natural technology that will find the ways to make you achieve your dreams; yeah, it’ll be hard and tough, but not impossible.

Wait me for the next part; I’ll begin with steps, tips, and tricks; next time we are going deep; talking about every single topic and routines to be who you want to be and to achieve your dreams. We are going to achieve our dreams together; so wait for you the next time.

Have a good day; enjoy it and be happy; hope to see you next time at ‘Coffee Stories’ love you all. XO XO ❤


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