Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional artist) part 3

Hello, everyone; here I’m back with another part about one of my favorites and the exceptional actor ‘Mads Mikkelsen.

How are you all? How was your last week? Hope you enjoyed my last posts on the blog; Monday it is; if you follow Mads’ Instagram account you’ll find a post almost every Monday; I like those posts; sometimes “fan art”, sometimes a pic of him and sometimes what we all call it “Monday Mood”; Go and check it and see his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

So grab your favorite drink and come with me; let’s see what movie we are going to talk about today; before beginning, I will tell you about his short movies, yeah, this is right he doesn’t act long period movies only, also he actes in some short movies; here’s a list of his short movies:

  • Café Hector.
  • Tom Merritt.
  • Nu.
  • The boy below.
  • Le Fantôme; this one is for Ford.

They might be not everyone’s cup of tea; but a suggestion, go and watch them; you’ll see how he can act without talking; acting with just a simple move or eye expression; you’ll see him acting those short movies as perfect as the long ones.

If you decided to watch the short movies; you can find them on YouTube; now let’s begin; today I’ll tell you about one movie; just one this time. Why? because this movie I’m going to talk a lot about it; an amazing movie with wonderful, brilliant and amazing acting.


This movie I watched yesterday; I was thinking about keeping it in the last, but I couldn’t resist talking about this wonderful movie; this movie any word won’t give its real value. This movie beyond amazing and Mads’ brilliant acting was WOW, I was mesmerized by Mads’ act, by the directing, the cinematography and everything.

Believe me this movie worth watching; so the plot is about a man survived the plane crash and stranded somewhere in the arctic circle waiting for rescue; taking up residence in a crashed plane. His daily routine consists of checking fishing lines for food, mapping his surroundings and running a distress beacon with a dynamo.

One day he saw a helicopter and screamed for them to rescue him; but the helicopter crashed; he ran to it to rescue who’s inside; the pilot died, but the passenger a young woman fortunately didn’t die; he could rescue her and took her with him to his crashed plane. From this point we are going to see a wonderful surviving journey full of emotions.

I won’t tell you any further details about it and will let you go and watch it; it worthy to watch it; this type of movies not my cup of tea; but this one broke the rule for me; this movie beyond the exceptions in my point of view.

Mads nailed the role, I was focusing on his eyes, how he acted every scene, how he was so brilliant while acting the man with hope and wants to survive whatever it takes; hats off to him, bravo for this amazing and breathtaking act.

Here you’ll see him cry, see him scream, see him holds so much hope inside; you are going to feel every feeling he felt; you’re going to feel like you’re the one who’s in there, in that place trying to survive; you’ll feel everything with Mads’ acting; the script is fabulous; yeah; it’s. The cinematography; the lighting, the camera’s angles showed you the perfection of the movie; the director hats off for him; everything in this movie was simply breathtaking.

Please; go and watch it; you’ll find it everywhere free to stream and watch; if this not your favorite genre of movies; I was like that too, but give yourself a chance and watch it because it worthy and I hope you enjoy every minute and second of it.

Hope you enjoyed today with me at my blog The Coffee stories; good day, good night or good afternoon wherever you’re in the world; love you all ❤ later till the next time XO XO


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