Go behind your dreams #2

Hello; everyone; I’m back to you all for a new post in “Go behind your dreams” series; so how are you all? How are you doing? so far how is your week?

Today we are going to talk about tips and tricks; some steps toward our dreams; writing to you is writing to myself too; reminding you and me that we have dreams we want to achieve and make them come true.

Many bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters talk about routines; how important is to have your routine; and changing your bad habits into good ones; also most of them almost talk about morning routines first, but here am I will talk about night routine first.

In my opinion to have a good morning, you’ve to have a good night :D, yeah, night routine is very important, for me at least; I’m not an early bird, I’m a night owl and I’m in love with the night; so for me it’s difficult to change that and be an early bird; I’m still working on it and we together are going to do it and have a good and enjoyable night routines.

Here we are going to talk about night routine; so grab your drink and come with me on a little journey to do things before the bed time comes…

Night Routine

Routines are very important; routines come from things you do almost every day and use to do it every day and every night; to change a habit which is bad or not serving you to achieve your goals you should find a new habit and work every day on it to make it a part of your routine and make it your daily habit.

It’s not easy at all, I know that; for me, it seems impossible to change my habits and to get out my comfort zone; so I know it’s difficult, but nothing is impossible; you’re alive and breathing, that means impossible is just a word.

Follow me to these things to do it before bed; let’s get deep into our topic;

1- disconnect:

Oh My; we are living in the era of the speed; the technology is easy to access everywhere and whenever we want; not easy to deny Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumbler and many more.

There’s an app calls ‘Fabulous: self-care’ you can find it in Google Play or App store; nothing of what I’m going to mention is sponsoring me; this app is giving you a habit to get used to it, then another habit and so on; it believes in small steps is better for great achievement; yes, it’s true baby steps or small steps whatever you want to call it is proven to be a better way to begin.

Do things in small steps; take one thing of what I’ll write and make it a habit; the habit is not what you’re good at; it’s what you do every day to be good at.

WE live in that era of speed, we live within technology everywhere; this makes our minds works 24/7; this is exhausting and sometimes magnifying our feelings and emotions; some of us began envy successful people or people who are sharing everything about so called perfect life they live.

We spend a lot of time and wasting a lot of our time using social media and caring about how many likes and follows we can get; Social media became like a monster eats our time and wastes it on noting; Yeah, I’m using social media and care about it; I want people to read to me and see my photos; but it became like an addiction that I forgot about real life, life I can live and enjoy; real life is much more than just some follows and likes and comments on the social media.

In 2010 or 2009 I did research about how social media is the new drugs and to know it and get closer to it I did a Facebook account, after that all came; I did Twitter and Instagram accounts; I was wasting my energy and time on them; I even became so angry when someone unfollows me and it’s truly an addiction; I know you feel that too; sometimes you take a look at pictures of your friend who travels or got a job in his/her dream company and so on and you feel envy; you start to envy them and ask yourself “Why they can do that and not me?” “Why can’t I be like them or do what I want?”

Please, everyone start disconnect at the night; stop following people who makes you angry or people you started to envy them even if they are family or friends; I began doing this and I can assure you that it’s wonderful feeling and I felt relief; go try it, start doing it from tonight and do it for 5 days and then tell me how do you feel? at first, you’ll feel like quitting smoking or drugs, but then you’ll feel relief and peace.

2- No, No and No Shows and movies:

I know very well what you feel about that; I love Netflix, I love watching movies and shows; I can spend the whole day and night watching a bunch of movies or episodes of a show; but a fact and true story, watching a movie of video or show at the night time is making your mind keep working and your mind my dear needs rest; It’s difficult for me to say this, I’m in love with movies and shows; my dream is to be a filmmaker, but I need to sleep too 😀

We all need sleeping, even if we don’t admit it or don’t like sleeping; I think that no one doesn’t like sleeping.

I test everything on myself before writing it or giving advice about it; watching something in the night time is not a good idea at all; your mind needs rest and to relax before going to sleep; movies, shows, news and so on all of it triggers your emotions and makes your mind works; stop it now, please and take a rest from it.

Set an alarm and when the alarm peeps, stop what you are watching and turn everything off; start doing it and do it for 7 days and you’ll be doing it alone after that without any alarm; you’ll be used to it.

3- Relax your mind and your body:

I love this one the most; to relax and feel peace is something so precious; it’s amazing.

You can relax with a lot of things; if you love music; oh dear, you can find a lot of relaxing music out there; if you want to try meditation which is my advice, go and try it out; there’s a lot of apps can help you like ‘Calm’ and ‘Headspace: meditation and sleep’ I tried calm and like it so much, but many of the YouTubers I watch tried Headspace and they say it’s amazing; so try whatever you like, you can use them for free or purchase it.

Meditation is a habit if you practice it and I’m still working on it and love it so much; it makes me feel good and peace; also it’ll help you when you feel anxious, nervous or stressed.

You can do nothing and imagine yourself in the future when you’re the person you want to be and live the life you want; oh my, you’ll feel so good and your mind will start processing the idea and will help you to achieve that future you dream about; our minds are so powerful.

4- Journals:

Yeah; you read it right; I’m a writer so sure I’ll advice you to use journals 😀 actually you do it the way you like the most; maybe use an app for journaling or be as old fashioned as me I love my journals and planners; oh I love the feeling of the papers and pen in my hand.

Write and write; write in the end of the day what you feel or what you want to say to someone or to yourself; or just write anything even if it’s just one line; just write and see how this thing will help you to relax and fall in a deep sleep.

If you’re in Egypt you can find brands like Mofkera http://www.mofkera.com/, Space https://www.spaceideas.net/, Noota https://nootastores.com/, Tip-of-the-day https://tipoftheday.co/ also tip-of-the-day has a notebook calls change it’s for habits and helping you changing your bad habits to good ones, and many more that makes planners and agendas and notebooks with a beautiful designs. If you’re in the USA or Canada or any country can buy things from Amazon; you can find Five minute journal or shop from Lavendaire a brand for a YouTuber I follow and enjoy her channel so much; I learned a lot from her; She designs planners and I wish I can buy them but they are only available in the USA and Canada, I don’t know where else it’s available but you can find it in her website https://www.lavendaire.com/ . Go and check it and see her channel too also her podcast is amazing.

5- Motivate yourself:

This is something you can do through listening to a podcast or watch a YouTube channel or read a blog about lifestyle and achieve your dreams; I’ll give you a list of what channels I watch and blogs I read and of course some podcasts:

  • Lavedndaire (She has a YouTube channel, podcast, blog and Facebook community group)
  • Kalyn Nicholson (She has YouTube, Podcast, and has a brand calls Koze; I love her so much, she’s amazing.)
  • Amy Landino (she has a podcast and YouTube channel also a blog and she write a book calls ‘How to Vlog like a Boss’ )
  • Haley Cairo
  • Sam Ozkural
  • Carrie Rad
  • Muchelleb
  • Rachelleea
  • The mindset and motivation podcast
  • Quote of the day Podcast
  • Jasmine Lipska

You also can find more if you search and see or listen to who you like and feel good about it; that list I wrote is my favorites and I hope if you didn’t know them go and try to listen to them and watch their videos; they’re amazing people, normal like you and me; and work hard everyday to achieve their dreams and have the life theu=y want to live.

6- Read:

I know very well what you’re going to say; I hate reading sentence became the famous line in the whole world; baby; reading is like food for your mind; like the food you eat for your body; it’s the same.

Reading is so good and amazing; give it a try; I love reading so much that I can write and talk about it for years 😀 but I’ll tell you something; try it in a baby steps like everything else; read 3 pages every nigh; you can read a blog; an article, a book, a novel; please, stay away from the politics and harsh news; stick to motivation and novels and stories, short or long ones whatever you like; just try reading 3 pages every night and tell me how this gonna effect you and your life.

Also Whatever your religion is, go and hold your holy book and read a page or 2 daily; it’s really amazing to get back and connect with your religion and Allah (God). it fells like peace gets inside your soul and heart. it’s just an advice; please try reading and in a small steps remember that.

7- Drink water:

It’s Cliche I know that, but come on water is very important to our bodies and minds; why can’t we stick to it and believe me on that it relaxing the body and mind so much.

If not water; you can drink chamomile tea mixed with lemongrass or citruses tea or water with slices of lemon or any fruits you like; I tried chamomile and lemongrass tea and I like it so much; it make me relax also I drink water and put it beside me before sleeping because our bodies need some water; so go and try it; it’s so good 😉 and PS; don’t drink coffee or black tea before bed; it will affect your sleep.

8- exercise

You can exercise before bed or walk for a little and enjoy some fresh air; it proven to be a good thing to fall a sleep and have a good night.

Do whatever makes you feel good; you walk; if you have dogs take them and walk them; it’s good and healthy and if you want to lose weight it’ll help you with that 😀 I’m working on this thing 😀

9- don’t eat before bed:

Please, no, don’t do this to your body; don’t eat before bed; it’s very bad; ask me about it; I gain so much weight that I’m struggling now to lose it because once upon time I used to eat late at the night and I’m sweets addicted so you imagine that; it’s a disaster.

Stop this now and start eat before bed by 5 or 4 hours at least and you’ll feel the change; it’s difficult I know I can relate to that but also it’s healthier and better for sleeping.

10- remember small steps for great achievements:

At the end, remember that small steps is better and achievable; also easier than big ones; with small steps you can have a great achievements; don’t rush anything, take it easy on yourself and be patient.

remember that just chose one of the tips I wrote and break it to even smaller tips and do it easy and then you’ll find yourself working through it and success; yeah; you’ll fall down and fail many time I grantee that, but don’t give up baby; do it again and again until you make it; you’ll have the life you want and achieve your goals; just don’t give up and keep trying and working hard; it’s okay to fail, but not okay to give up.

Bye for now and later till the next time; love you all, enjoy your night or day or afternoon wherever you’re in the world and smile always. XO XO ❤


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