Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional artist) part 4

Hello, everyone; I missed you all; how was your week? How was the weekend? Did you watch any new movies or old ones? 😀 😉

Hope you all enjoyed your week and have a good, enjoyable and beautiful week; today is our day with Mads Mikkelsen; yeah, we back with a new part. ❤

So let’s grab our drink and jump in the journey of Mads Mikkelsen, the exceptional artist; one of my favorites ever.

Today we are going to talk about 3 movies, different languages and different roles for Mads; what I love most about him that he always gives us something new, something different and always amazing in my opinion; without further talking let’s go and see those wonderful movies together.

Flickering Lights:

Danish: Blinkende Lygter

A Danish movie at 2000; a black comedy movie; I never watched this type of movies before; it wasn’t my favorite genre, but I liked that movie so much; a movie that gives you hope that everything is going to be okay and good at the end; a movie about friendship; movie that teaches you a lot and makes you laugh and cry too.

The movie’s story is about four friends who are a small gang; they will be assigned to steal a house and money; the other gang that assigned them are dangerous people; the four friends will trick the gangster boss, take the money and run away with it. At first, they will decide to go to Barcelona; they forced to stop in the countryside and hide in an old damaged house that been a restaurant too.

The elder one of them will like the house; then decide why not rebuild the restaurant again; from this point you will see a lot about those fore men and their backgrounds and how they met each other, also some funny moments and problems will face them the whole journey.

An Advice, go and watch this one, it’s amazing and wonderful movie; get out of your comfort zone and watch something new. (Y) 😉 You’ll find it with English translation

Age of uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

French: Michael Kohlhaas

A 2013 French-German movie; the story is about a man that sells horses; as he passes through a local baron’s lands; the baron seizes two of his horses; his loyal servant will find that horses have been abused and injured; also the man was attacked by the baron’s men; Michael attempts to sue for monetary compensation, but his lawsuit is dismissed because the baron has a kinsman at court. Then he will find his wife killed by the hands of the baron’s men; He attempts to take revenge from the baron and his men.

This movie is something new for me; again Mads made me watch things and types of movies I never watched before him; different films in different languages and it’s an amazing experience for me to see those movies and learn more about other languages and other cultures. Watch it if you didn’t watch it before and tell me your opinion; hope you will enjoy it. ❤

Clash of The Titans:

A 2010 movie; 😀 what we normally watch; yeah, I know; finally I talk about something you may all know and watched before; if not, please, go and watch it; I love this part more than the 2nd one, maybe because Mads in it. 😀 😀

So I won’t tell the story of this movie, but I’ll talk about Mads in this movie; a wonderful role and strong, different and that shows us how Mads is an exceptional artist and actor that can do any role and be professional about it.

Mads as Draco at the clash of titans

Mads here is a co-actor in the role of “Draco” the man that protects the princess Andromeda, also who will go in a journey with Perseus son of Zeus; half human and half man; Draco will teach him to fight and help him through the journey to save the princess.

Yeah; Mads loves a good fight; I saw that and realized in many of his movies; even in Hannibal he asked for a good fight scenes; I love how can he get into the role and get out of it; how can he be amazing and every time I’m mesmerized by him and his acting skills.

Mads always surprises us with different roles and movies and the languages he speaks; go and watch those movies; enjoy them and I hope you enjoyed today’s article. This is for today and always smile, enjoy your day or afternoon or night wherever you’re in the world.

Love you all, later till the next time with new articles at my blog ‘The coffee stories’ see you soon 😉 XO XO ❤


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