Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional actor) Part 5

Hello, everyone; How are you all? Here we are again; a new part in the journey of Mads Mikkelsen; So tell me, did you miss me? 😀 😉 I missed you all already; the last week I wrote about three movies with different languages. I hope you all liked last week and hope you enjoyed the last week too; if you saw any of the movies I wrote about, tell me what did you like from them and what didn’t you like! Tell me about your opinion.

Here we back with Part 5 in that wonderful journey; today I’ll talk about two movies; different genres; so let’s begin and get deep into those movies and let’s grab our drinks and begin; come with me in part 5 in the journey of Mads Mikkelsen. 😉

1-Doctor Strange:

Doctor Strange 2016

Okay, a fun fact 😀 first time I saw Mads was in Doctor Strange movie before even watching Hannibal; yeah, I know it’s funny I didn’t remember him and it’s weird because actually when I like someone and when I see a face it always be inside my head in a way or another; so technically I saw Mads for the first time in Doctor Strange in the role of the supervillain “Kaecilius” the enemy of Doctor Strange.

Of course many of us like Marvel’s comics and movies; Marvel is brilliant in this genre of movies; even if you don’t like comics and I can’t believe that there’s any person doesn’t like it; I know we all not like each other and we have different tastes; but I think many people; like billions of people around the world love comics and its movies; The wonderful movies with its technology, cinematography; directing, acting, visual effect, and so on; If I talked now about Marvel movies or DC movies I’m going to keep talking over a year or something 😀 I love them so much; yeah I love both Marvel and DC; I know it may seem weird, but here I’m weird and different. 😀

So, we all know about the movie already even if some of you didn’t watch it; if you didn’t, go now and watch it; this movie one of the best; the story is about Doctor Stephen Strange, a wealthy, acclaimed, and arrogant neurosurgeon; he made an accident while driving his car so fast; severely injures his hands in a car crash, leaving him unable to operate; then while finding a solution to be back to his profession he went to a place called Kamar-Taj and there his life changed forever and became Doctor Strange.

Mads in this movie made the role of Kaecilius, he’s one of the students of the ancient one and one of the powerful students she had; he turned to be the villain and we will see his fights with the Ancient One and Doctor Strange; I told you before Mads loves good fights scenes, he loves the action and fighting; I love seeing him in action actually. 😀

Mads as Kaecilius
Yeah; we all can see how wonderful was the makeup artist 😀

I watched once a review about the bad choice that Marvel did while choosing their villains and Mads was one of them; like I said before we all have different tastes and opinions; so I respect everyone’s opinion; I agreed with this review in some of the villains, but not in this one; I think Mads did this role amazingly; actually he looked like the one in the comic; the thing is I loved Mads here not because I already love him; but actually because he’s a brilliant actor and can put himself in any role which is amazing and I never saw an actor like him in this thing in particularly; I watched Mads as the bad man and villain in many movies, and every time he’s different and wonderful; so all I can tell you is to go and watch the movie and see by yourself; then come and tell me your opinion.

2- Charlie Countryman:

This movie is a different type of Romantic-Drama genre; the way of the shooting of the film; the acting and the story not everyone’s cup of tea; not everyone likes that kind of movies, but it’s nice and good to see something different and change a little.

The story is about a man living in Chicago and after his mother’s death he saw her spirit and talked to her; she advised him to travel to Bucharest; in the plane he met a man told Charlie about his daughter Gabriela and the present he got her; then the man also died and the spirit of this man said something to Charlie to send a message to his daughter; Charlie took the present and wanted to deliver it to the man’s daughter; in the airport he met the man’s daughter and told her about what he said; Charlie liked Gabi and fell in love with her, but the trip was just getting more dangerous after meeting her Ex-husband Nigel “Mads Mikkelsen”; a dangerous and very jealous man.

I won’t say more; go and watch the movie; Mads here in the role of Nigel, Gabi’s ex-husband, a bad man and dangerous, also a jealous man, love his wife so much that he thought he owns her.

Mads as Nigel in Charlie Countryman

There was a line Gabriela said while telling Charlie her story with Nigel; she said: “He’s the most beautiful man I have ever seen…” Yeah, I agree with her 😀 actually I don’t know how or why but this line been said in 3 or 2 or maybe 4 movies from Mads’ movies and it always refers to Mads. So yeah, I agree, he’s handsome; the most beautiful man 😀 the way she was saying this line while playing back some of Mads’ scenes when she met him; it was amazing and the camera on his face showed us that yeah; he’s really the most beautiful man; I liked the playback scenes; I love seeing Mads acting without even say any word and he does it so so good.

Go and watch the movie if you didn’t watch it before and enjoy it; I hope you will like it 😀

Now, in the end of today’s part; there’s still many parts about Mads; for now thank you so much for your time and hope you like today’s movies; hope you enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the week; love you all and later till the next time ❤ XO XO See you all soon ❤


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