Pamper Yourself and give it some Love

Hello again everyone, good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are in the world; How are you? How’s your week so far?

Today I want to talk about something important; last time I talked about night routine, this time before going further in the other routines I want to talk about loving yourself; yeah, you read it right; love yourself. πŸ˜€

We all need love, don’t we? So, how about this, why not give some love to ourselves; when you change habits or routines you’ll fall many times; you won’t get it right from the first time; you’ll fall and it’s okay to fail once, twice, three times and so one; still you’ll get up and try again and again until you make it, but it’s not okay to give up; for me I still struggling with my routines, sometimes I wake up and workout, be productive and sleep early, but other times I don’t do exercises, other times I don’t get up early still I get up and work.

So, it’s not about how many time you fail; It is about persistent; be persistent and every failure, take it as a lesson and as a workout that makes you strong to keep going toward your goals and dreams.

So, let’s grab our drinks and talk about how to love yourself and pampering it…

1-A good bath or a shower:

It’ not about the luxury of the bathroom and bathtub; not about the luxury of bath-booms; shower-gel, lotions, shampoos, conditioner, bath-salt, or anything of that; it is about those things you already have or can afford it; yes, it’s about little things we have and grateful to it; you might see a video on YouTube with fancy bathroom; candles, huge bathtub and you ask yourself why I don’t have that? You have what you need now to take a good shower and good bath; you have what you need now to pamper yourself; don’t look at what others have.

Look at what you have, and use it to give love to yourself; as I’m living in Egypt, it’s not easy to find things with sales and affordable prices like some of products in the USA, Canada and so on; so I’ll tell you about some of the products I love and it’s price affordable; a note: this list no one sponsors this

  • There’s a beautiful shop called Cleopatra; yeah, it’s ancient name πŸ˜€ I tried from them bath-booms; it’s beautiful and affordable; they have two kinds of bath-booms; one for bathtub, other for legs only.
  • There are many people now make their own brands; handmade things; you can search them in google, Facebook, and Instagram like Areej, Black Lotus, Oasis; I tried from them all the bath-salt; essential oils and from Oasis I bout the salt lamp which I love so much; I love it a lot.
  • Some stores like Yves Rocher it’s a French store; they make sales; good one actually and their products are natural and beautiful; sometimes Body Shop too makes good sales; Bath and body works when they do a good sale; they are so good; but you’ll find Egyptian people who now work and make their own brands and they are good like I this at the previous point; If you’re in the USA, Canada and so on; of course Bath and body works makes good sales, also there’s Lush and vanity Planet I love them and wish they are here in Egypt πŸ˜€ they make also good sales on their products.
  • Here in Egypt there’s a lot of Events that happen and there you can find a lot of good products and new brands with good prices. Just search and keep up with the events; if you’re in other country you can google and I’m sure you are going to find a lot. ;

Before buying anything, please make sure your skin not sensitive toward any kind of ingredients or any material; just know everything about your skin and about the products then buy it if it good for you…

2-Candles, essential oils, massage oils, diffuser:

Another kind of relaxing methods, sometimes it all about the smell; like a perfume you like, flowers or roses..etc candles are my favorite; I love it so much, I’m addicted to it. πŸ˜€

In Egypt you can find many stores that their prices good and affordable, like Saudi Market; Cow gift store, it’s amazing, one of my favorites, the store itself looks cheerful πŸ˜€ ❀ sometimes they do sales on the products, also there you can find essential oils, massage oils and other natural products.

Oasis, like I said before, they have amazing things like bath-salt, essential oils and salt lamps; you can find in some malls here in Egypt booths that sell diffeusers and they are good and different prices; There’s Areej, they make candles, essential oils and other products for hair and body.

Now, the big surprise, IKEA, which I love so much, they do a lot of sales on candles and other things of course, we all know IKEA; their candles smells amazing ❀ There’s another good store and it’s Home Center, yeah, it seems expensive, but okay, wait for the sales and you will not get out from it. πŸ˜€

Again the same device, those things I mentioned, don’t but without knowing the ingredients and know if you have any sensitivity toward any material; and again nothing of the above sponsors this.

Note: A man or a Woman we all need to pamper ourselves:

Either a man or a woman, my talk here not for specific gender; it’s for all, we all need some love, relaxing time and pampering ourselves; sometimes it’s all about good cup of coffee either make it in home or buy it from your favorite cafe shop.

Sometimes it’s about good book to read and enjoy, or a movie, or a couple of episodes from your favorite show; find your own way to pamper yourself; I don’t ask you or advice you to spend money, all I say is if you can then do it.

What I mentioned above is affordable; I’m like everyone else, my work isn’t making money so much that I can spend it in what I love, but with a little bit saving, waiting for good sales or going to an event introducing Egyptian brands that I tried before and loved them so much; so it’s about you and how you make your own version of pampering yourself; whatever you do, remember is to be grateful for the money you already have, the things you have and use it for your own benefit and enjoy every bit of it.

At the last, I hope you enjoyed this and later, love you so much; have a good night or a good day wherever you’re in the world. XO XO ❀

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