Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional artist) part 7

Hello everyone; How are you all? How was your last week? I missed you all; hope you had a good week and enjoyed your weekend.

Here we are again with another part to one of my favorites actors ever; Mads Mikkelsen ❤ another part talking about his wonderful movies and shows.

Let’s see what we have today; so grab your drinks and let’s jump in the journey of Mads Mikkelsen, the exceptional artist. ❤

1- The Door:

(German: Die Tür 2009

I talked about the different languages Mads can speak and here we are with another language, German language; one of his many skills 😀 2009 German movie about a man who is an artist; he paints, married and have a beautiful little girl; the opening of the movie shows a man who doesn’t care much about his daughter; his daughter always call him to play with her, but he doesn’t go to her.

Also he cheats on his wife and then we will see a scene when the man leaves his daughter alone before his wife come back home; he goes to his neighbor who cheated his wife with her; after that goes back to his home and find his daughter is sinking in the pool; he tried to save her but she’s dead; many years later; we see that this man and his wife separated and divorced; he tried many time to come back to her, but she rejected him; until he finds a door to the past.

Here the movie begin with a twist; what this man can do when he can back to the past? so, watch the movie to know; and my advice for you is to watch it and enjoy it; like I said before I stopped judging anything without watching it or trying it; this movie is a sci-fi. genre which most of us like it, so yeah, go and watch it; I know it’s German movie but you’ll find it with English dubbed.

Hope you watch it and like it. 😉 ❤

2- Casino Royale:

Casino Royale 2006

When it comes to James Bond, I’m not a big fan of the movie series; I never watched it; not the old series nor the new versions.

But When I knew that Mads acted in Casino Royale 2006 movie; I decided why not see the movie, so I did it and I loved it; another fun fact about me, I love the movie that I never thought once that I’ll even like it.

Of course we all know James Bond, I won’t tell you the story of this movie; I’ll talk about Mads’ role in it; Mads is an actor with a lot of different skills; one of them is to be the devil that everyone falls in love with.

Mads Mikkelsen as LE Chiffre.

Here in this movie we see Mads again as the devil and evil person who is the antagonist; I can’t tell why, but I love watching him acting the evil roles; of course from time to time to see him as a hero is something pleasureful .

But as an evil, is different and shows us a lot of his acting skills; to be good is normal, but to be bad and handsome and devilish is something not easy at all; you’ve to see this movie to know how much Mads’ skills can be so perfect and so good that you can’t hate him.

For me I can’t hate him; I love all his acts and roles and even his silence acting; oh I adore him and admire his skills; please, watch this movie and hope you enjoy and like it because it’s worthy and so good to have it in a movie night. 😉 ❤

At the end of today’s post; I hope you like this one and enjoy it; like I always say it’s nice to try new things and watch new genres we never watched before; it’s enjoyable and good experience; so, please, enjoy your day and your week; be happy, watch new movies and tell me your opinion about that part.

Till later, love you and will miss you; see you all soon ❤ XO XO

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