Mads Mikkelsen (The exceptional artist, final part)

Hello everyone; How are you doing? How was your weekend? Here we are back to one of my favorite actors ever, Mads Mikkelsen, the exceptional artist; this is going to be the 8th part and the final one.

So are you ready to come with me? Without any further ado, let’s jump in and go to our journey; grab your coffee or any drink you want and come with me to the final part of Mads Mikkelsen.

This part is going to be a little different from the others; I won’t tell you any of the movies’ stories or even part of it, but I’ll mention all the remaining movies and shows and where to find them or how to find them.

Mads’ movies I didn’t mention before:

  • Polar; it’s a Netflix production; you can find it there; if you’re a hard fan for web-comic you are going to like it; but if you not still what will happen go and watch the movie; also you can find it in free streaming websites.
  • At Eternity’s Gate; a movie with Willem Dafoe; a biographical drama film about the final years of painter Vincent Van Gogh’s life.
  • Rogue One.
  • Men & Chicken.
  • Badehotellet.
  • The Hunt; this movie one of the best movies ever and the story is fantastic.
  • The three Musketeers; 2011 movie.
  • Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky; a movie based on the book of Igor and Coco and their relation; this movie is amazing and really advice you to watch it.
  • Valhalla Rising.
  • Exit.
  • Adam’s Apple.
  • Pusher 1 and 2.
  • Rejseholdet; a Danish crime TV. drama.
  • Open Hearts.
  • I’m Diana; this movie is more of a physiological drama movie.

Websites for free streaming:

You can also find some movies translated into Arabic if your just search by the name of the movie you choose and write Arabic subtitles ; some of the movies with English translation and another without; if you want the translation just write the name of the movie; i.e: Pusher 1 with English subtitle.

There’s also the paid streaming websites like: Amazon Prime and Netflix. and for some countries like Denmark there’s websites for renting movies or buying them; also there’s Google movies and for for I phone and Mac users there’s Apple store.

Hope you all like this post and go watch some good movies; tell me your opinion and hope you enjoy every bit of it; if this is your first time here on my blog please feel free to go for the previous posts.

And feel free to check more in my Blog Hope you like it and enjoy it; till the next time enjoy, smile, be happy and never give up in your dreams. Later everyone; love you all ❤ ❤ ❤ XO XO


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