Give Value to yourself

Hello everyone; Happy Friday; happy weekend; How was your week? and how’s your life so far?

Today I’m going to talk about the value of yourself; I don’t mean here to be arrogant or selfish or mean it in a bad way; you’ll know what I mean when you come with me and talk a little about how to give a value to yourself and find it within yourself.

Let’s go and talk over coffee or any drink you choose; without a further ado let’s go.

Not Everyone is going to love you, to like you even; some will find you interesting; some will find you boring; other will love you and other will hate you; some will be friend with you even for some time and other will be friend with you forever; some will come to your life like a storm and will change everything in it and others will be calm and quite without any effect on you.

Do you remember your first fight with your friend, or your fight with the one you thought that he/she is the love of your life? Do you remember how many time you cried over a painful words or actions or even both? Do you remember that time you underestimated yourself and blamed yourself?

You’re remembering! But here the thing, you’ll find that man who wants you for sex; you will find that woman who wants you for money; you’ll find that woman who’s interested in you because of the good sex and the man who wants you because you’re rich.

You’ll find that friend who wants you for their own benefits and some will love you for who you are.

You’ll feel pain, you’ll be hurt and you’ll cry; also you’ll laugh, smile and be happy; you know this life is like day and night; without the darkness you won’t find the light and the day won’t come without the night; the happiness also doesn’t come without the taste of sadness and pain.

So, how to value yourself? How to find your value? How to give yourself a value? How to be yourself and stop hurting yourself because of anyone else?

If you met someone who wants you for a specific thing like those days sex is more important than love; love is the commitment we all afraid of; marriage and kids and all of those things that very hard to handle; you’ll meet a lot of people like that; specially in men; women whatever they say they’ll remain the same; at the end they are going to choose love; yeah they desire good sex and want it; but not as men do…

I know it’s a big and forbidden talk; but let’s face it we live in the world money is important than people; sex is important than love; shape and look are important than soul and mind; we live in the forbidden world of yesterday, but now it’s not forbidden.

So, if you met that man who wants just sex, if you want it okay do it; I’m not your inner conscience to prevent you from doing it; for many people out there in different countries sex is normal thing; for others sex without marriage is guilt and forbidden; if you want this kind of relation okay it’s your choice; many men will actually be happy with this relation because they hate commitment or attached to anyone. Don’t blame yourself because you chose to go with the flow.

But if you don’t want it; go away, refuse and don’t feel bad about it; be yourself, don’t blame yourself that you’re an old fashioned school and wait for the right one and love and so on; don’t let anyone hurt you by a way or another; don’t feel bad that you chose to be virgin; it’s okay; it’s your choice and you’ll have the responsibility of it.

You’ll meet those people who wants you for their benefits whatever it’s; let me say this; go and help them, but leave before they ask again and never let them ask again; because this kind of people are the worst ever; they want something and will forget you; they’ll hurt you and give you pain, but what if we reverse it and left before they go or ask for another favor; I’m with helping people, but there’s some people who can drain you and leave you with nothing they are like vampire sucks the life out of you; all what you need is to be careful, don’t judge but be careful and don’t trust easily.

You’ll find love and friendship, but sometimes they don’t complete; you’ll be hurt and it’s okay to cry and scream out your pain; but not okay to blame yourself always and forever that the wrong is in you; that people won’t love you or you don’t deserve love and all of this crap you tell yourself.

You’ll find that one who loves you the most, but you can’t see or feel; why is that? Because my dear you’re concentrating on the wrong people and leaving the right ones; sometimes you need to get rid of many people in your life to be able to see the right people and the right path; sometimes moving forward opens a lot of doors we thought that it won’t open never ever.

It’s hard to go away specially when you love that person or have this habit of being in your life; you’re addicting them and whatever pain they give you, you still want them; they became from a habit to an addiction; it’s hard and I’m not saying this without knowing it or living it; I lived it and still live with that curse; but no, don’t live with it, don’t let yourself be neglected or down your value; be yourself and believe you deserve the best; you deserve love, friendship and good people in your life not the toxic ones.

Believe you have a great value so don’t keep wasting more of your time and your life on wrong people; give yourself a value that you deserve; get out everyone hurts you and gives you nothing but pain; get out and cry everything out of you; get them out even if it’s the hardest thing you’re going to do; still it’s not impossible.

Don’t blame yourself, don’t cry and push hard on things that meant to fail; don’t tell yourself some crap to convince yourself that the fault is in you; yeah, I know we all make mistakes and we all do a lot of wrong things, do it and admit it, but don’t be hard on yourself and say sorry if you made a mistake, but if you didn’t go away and leave, never look behind…

Thank you for reading this and I hope I didn’t take much of your time; thank you, love you all, be happy, smile and be yourself and give yourself a value you deserve; till later going to miss you and enjoy the weekend 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤


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