Coffee with a taste of love

Hello everyone; how are you? How’s life? How’s your week so far? So coffee is here; happy international coffee day and happy Fall. ❀ πŸ˜‰

It’s October, the month of the cozy fall season, the month of the Halloween and the coffee day. Okay, let’s go, grab your coffee hot or ice and come with me into the world full of coffee with a taste of love.

My shooting ❀

Coffee is something we all like I think; most of the people like and adore it; there are a lot of kinds and types of coffee; some love it iced, other love it hot and some like me love both Ice and Hot; I’m addicted to it. πŸ˜€

Do it at your home or go outside and go to your favorite cafe shop to grab it and celebrate it; do it as you like it; so I’m not going to tell you some facts about coffee or tell you that it helps with a lot of things like prevents many diseases; I’m going to tell you a story about coffee.

A simple story about coffee with love; coffee is in many forms in our lives; sometimes we ran to take our coffee before going to our work or go to study at our favorite cafe shop; or drink it when we need to stay up late because we have things to finish or we drink it to cheer ourselves up.

Also, some love stories began with coffee; some friendship began with a simple cup of coffee; how about telling you one of those stories tonight; without further ado let’s go together to journey into a story I wrote about coffee.

Be my friend

not my shooting πŸ˜€

It all began with a simple chat; who thinks that sometimes those simple things will make something unforgettable; He liked my work and decided to talk to me; he’s like that, a crazy man that does what he wants; he does what comes in his mind.

Our chat was every day, every moment we know each other more and surprisingly we found a lot of common between us; he was telling me to meet him and convinced me to do that; one day I went to do some shopping and met him over a cup of coffee; one hour of enjoyment; one hour of talking and looking at each other; we liked each other, attracted to each other; we are not in love; we are friends; we met at a cafe; we met over a cup of coffee and we liked each other and still want to know each other… ^_^

Friends at the coffee shop

also not my shooting; I wish it was πŸ˜€

We always meet in a coffee shop; yeah, that’s the thing when we meet each other; we can’t think of something different that meeting quickly at any coffee shop; we just love to see each other and talk about everything and anything.

Meeting my friends isn’t easy; always there’s work or something makes us busy; we always make plans, but as you know plans are good to make and difficult to make it true πŸ˜€

When we meet it’s the day we go and have some coffee; a fun fact not all of them drink coffee; one day I made one of them drank it and she liked it πŸ˜€ yeah, this is me I love to try new things and try to convince my friends to do so.

Meeting them over a coffee and talk is something I like so much and always want to have it with love and friendship.

Me and Coffee

ME and coffee in a relationship that never ends; when I work or chilling I love to have my coffee; when I’m out with my Mom or friends I love to drink it; when I read a book or watch a movie I love to make my coffee by my hands hot or cold.

Coffee is the love of my life; with it I relax and think; while drinking it I love to plan and write something; I love to take it in my photo shoots; I even called this blog ‘The Coffee Stories’.

Coffee is the thing that we all can agree on or that how I think; over a coffee the talk is better; telling stories are good; reading books are the best and watching movies is the wonderful with it.

Coffee is the best for me; my addiction and love that never ends; hope you all liked my short stories; my stories with coffee; of course they are not the only stories, but that’s for now.

Hope I didn’t take much of your time; till later, love you all ❀ ❀ enjoy the rest of the week, be happy, smile and always be yourself. πŸ˜‰ ❀

Note: the featured image and the 1st photo her are my shooting.. ❀ πŸ™‚ Hope you like it and share with me some of your stories with coffee. ❀


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