Good Morning; Never Give up

Hello Everyone; Good Morning; How are you all? I know it’s been a while; This will be my topic for today; you know what! let’s grab our coffee and go without any further ado; if you’re a tea person, it’s okay; get your tea and come with us. 🙂

You know that time when you get up and feel that you don’t want to go to your work, or school, or college; that time when you feel lazy and don’t want to get up from the bed; that time when you have a lot to do and still you feel that you can’t do anything.

Those times when you wake up, feel bad, or out of the mood; feel lazy and can’t understand why; Feel strange and want to stay like that all day without doing anything at all; those times when you know you have a lot to do and so much to finish, but you don’t want to do anything and the days ran fast.

Yeah; we all know this time; we all have been through it; we all have it from time to time; all of us; you’ve must be struggling with this at least once in every year; yeah; we all do; we are human and getting tired of everything even your dreams is normal.

I’m one of you; like you all, getting tired and sick of everything and everyone in my life, but the question is if we all get through this from time to time how successful people did it and achieved their dreams and live the life they want?

I won’t ask it that way; I’ll ask it this way; What does make you alive? What does wake you up? What do you live for? Why are you living? What is your purpose in life?

Answer the above questions, and you’ll find the motivation to keep you going; to keep you waking up every morning and do what you have to do to have the life you want and achieve your goals.

Don’t search for motivation anywhere else; it’s within you; yeah, from time to time listen to some successful stories on YouTube or Tedx or some Podcasts or read a self improvement books; yes, you need all of this, but the most important is to find the motivation and the reasons to make you keep going and doing what you can do best to have the life you want.

Find what you need to keep going within yourself; find it and everything else will be some help from outside; if you want help, help yourself first; no one and nothing can help you if you don’t help yourself.

I had this time and still have it 😀 but when I woke up yesterday; I woke up so late; I asked myself, what am I doing with my life? Why am I wasting my time? Why am I doing this to myself? Then it hit me; I’m tired and sick of everything and everyone in my life; I don’t want to do anything; I keep pushing hard to achieve my goals and then something or someone comes and destroy everything I did; I know I’ve to fall to get up stronger; have to fail once, twice, three times and so on to learn and success.

Like after Night comes the day with sunshine; after the rain there’s a beautiful rainbow; and here comes the answer to all my questions and yours too.

The answer we are looking for; this answer is life; life full of things and its opposites; to feel it, to live it, to enjoy it you’ve to live those times and feel bad to feel good afterward; it’s like the night comes to rest then the day comes to wake up and work hard to be who you want to be and life the life you want.

Find the answer within you; find the all the motivation you need inside yourself and help yourself and after that find the outside help you need.

It’s okay to cry, to feel bad, to feel wrong and do mistakes; it’s okay to be tired and sick of everything; it’s okay to be lazy sometimes; but not okay to give up; those are not the reasons to give up; not enough to give up everything you faced, did and been through.

It’s okay to be not okay, but never ever give up; wake up and get ready to fight again; fall but don’t stay down; fail to learn not to give up; cry to smile in the next day; to release the pain you feel.

You can and You will; just trust yourself…

Thank you all so much for reading; I’m not writing this only for you, also for myself too; while I’m writing to you all and try to motivate you; I’m motivating myself with you; so, I hope you all find this one helpful and motivational; hope you all have a good day or good night or afternoon wherever you are in the world.

Don’t forget to smile and be happy; love you all. ❤ ❤ ❤


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