Declutter your life

Hello everyone; how are you all today? How was your day and how’s your week so far?

Today another article about life and how to declutter your life from everything that stops you or a burden on you; declutter it from anyone not good enough in your life.

So, without a further ado let go to another small journey to declutter our lives together; grab your coffee or any drink you like even if it’s just water and come with me. 😉

There are many kinds of decluttering in our lives; there are the clothes, shoes, and fashion declutter and change; there’s the stuff declutter, like jewelry, makeup, bags, and so on; there’s also the human declutter; maybe this is new for you, but no, it’s not new, human decluttering is to know people around you in your life and know if they are good for you and you good for them or both of you are bad in each other’s life.

Today I’ll talk about the last kind, the human declutter; through our lives we know people, meet them then some will be in your life and others will leave; this is the natural system of the life, but some people are in our lives and they are wrong; they don’t fit in; they are burdens and they make us don’t see the doors we need to open to achieve our dreams and goals.

How is that possible? That someone, might be a friend or a lover or even family can be a burden or wrong in my life?!

How can someone be wrong in your life or you can be wrong in someone’s life? I know maybe you can’t see it or didn’t live it before, but sometimes some people make you lose your focus and lose your way toward your dreams and goals; some people make you blind that you can’t find the right door or they are just stopping you from moving on and sometimes they are toxic.

Actually, you’ll find yourself that person in other’s lives; when someone tells you to move on or you read some quote about moving on and leave the past behind you and stop holding on what’s already not yours; or when you find out that someone from your friends or family stopping you from achieving anything and all they say that you can’t do this.

Here comes the human decluttering; you need to open your eyes, you mind and decide to find out who is good for you and who isn’t; who can fight with you and help you and who won’t lift a finger for you; you’ve too get the negativity out of your life to have the life of your dream and achieve your goals and doing this comes when you figure out who is wrong in your life and who’s really your support.

It’s easy while we write or talk about it; but it’s hard; there’s in Egypt a quote I love to much “معدن الناس بيظهر وقت الشدة” it means you will know the real face of everyone when the disaster comes; you’ll know the truth about everyone when you face some problems and here you have to decide can I live with people left me while I’m in need and came back while I’m good.

And when you decide to let those people go and leave, some way or another the closed doors are going to open for you, here you’ll really know how much you wasted a lot on the wrong people; you’ll step forward to your dreams and the life you want to live.

Stop wasting more time on wrong people; stop being negative and think that you don’t want to hurt their feelings because baby they hurt you and you hurt yourself too; hurting their feelings isn’t the problem and I’m here not telling you to be awful to them or bad, but I’m telling you to find the right word to say and the right way to move far from them and leave; it hurts, I know and will hurt you more that hurting them; you will feel bad, but believe me you’ll find the right ones who will love you more than you love them; you’ll find the right ones when the wrong ones go away.

Empty a place for the right ones; stop filling your life with wrong, toxic, and negative people; you deserve better.

A question will face you, what if that negative person is from my closest family member; I won’t advice you to leave them, but I’ll say that don’t tell them much about you, your life and your dreams; be good to them, but stop telling them everything; don’t leave your family, they have rights on you, but also don’t talk about yourself or your dreams to them; don’t even ask them for help.

Decluttering your life is the same as the rain comes after a long day filled with storms and bad weather; it’s that rain that washes your pain away; washes everything and makes it clean; that rain comes with a hope of new beginnings; that’s how decluttering your life will be, when you start leaving the wrong ones and live with right ones; when you start know the truth and focus on your dreams and the life you want to have.

Some people aren’t bad, but simply they are not for us, not good for us and we are not good for them two; you’ll be in both situation even once in the lifetime; but you’ll be the wrong for someone else’s life and someone will be wrong for you; stop now before it’s too late; before it hurts more; stop now and focus on yourself and your life.

Let it go, let them go and let the past go, hold on the good memories and cherish it, but don’t prison yourself in the past and with the wrong people; move on and live the life you want.

Thank you so much all of you; thanks for reading; I hope I didn’t take much of your time and hope this is going to help you; don’t forget be happy and always smile and never give up; love you all and wish you the best. ❤ ❤ ❤

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