Hello everyone; How are you all doing? I miss you so much. I know It’s been a lot, but here I’m again.

So How’s life going? how’s December going so far?

Today I’ll talk about December; yeah, I know it might be late to talk about it; but late is better than never πŸ˜€

It won’t be a talk about being productive or being optimistic or that talks and advises, but it’ll be more about love, thoughts, forgiveness, and letting go of the past.

Hey, we are getting into a new decade; can you all believe that? πŸ˜€ yeah, it’s big event happening…

So, let’s grab a wonderful hot coffee and warm up to have a date together with love and life or grab yourself a drink you like whatever it’s and come with me in a little beautiful trip to ‘December.’ πŸ˜‰ ❀

You know this time of the year; when Winter comes, when snow falls and rain drops fall on us; this time when the year comes to end; when you decorate your home for Christmas and wrap up the gifts for family and friends; when you make a snow man or dance under the rain; sometimes when you lose hope and love; when you sit and cry on the past.

This time of the year when pain shows up and tears burn your cheeks; when love goes and comes; when the rain washes away the dust of your life; this time of the year that we believe it’s the end of a story to begin in another one.

Yes, it’s; it’s an end, it’s painful sometimes; it’s the life and how it works; everything has an end; everything has an expire date.

December is the best time of the year to wrap it, to review what happened in your life and to end that chapter to begin a new one; it’s that time when you let go, when you wash away the dust of the past and when you forgive and forget.

It’s the best time of the year to connect with people, to know who really loves you and who not; to give love and end your pain; the past we can’t change isn’t anything but a memory that won’t hurt unless you give it the power to hurt you; the future is mystery that you can’t predict it, but you have the now, the moment you live now is yours to do whatever you want; to be the person you want to be; to love and to live; if you kept recalling the past and thinking of the future, you won’t live this moment you’re in now.

Live the now, let the past go, wash its dust away and live your moments; let the future be and remember what you do now is what builds your future; yeah, plan it, work hard for your dream life and for the future you want, but live the now, stop worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow will come and you will keep thinking of the day after and the day after that; then when it’s late you’ll see how many days you wasted thinking and worrying about the mystery of the future.

Here it’s December, telling you:

“I come every year with winter and ending a story of life; here I’m giving you a chance to wrap the year and begin a fresh start to live and write a new story”

Here it’s December, came to make you end the pain not to start a new one, believe that everything ends is for your good; it’s for your benefits; don’t hate what might be good for you and don’t love what might be bad for you; believe that Allah (GOD) is here for you and won’t leave your side; believe that you can and you’ll; believe that everyone left your side is for your own good and to make you stronger; believe that every love story ended badly is nothing but a bad story that doomed to continue.

Believe that now is your moment; stand and brush the dust; stand and wash you pain away; let go, learn to let go and learn to forgive; you deserve the best in that life; you deserve to live and to love and to be loved back.

Believe that every chapter finishes to begin a new one; wrap the year and start from now; start being the person you want; be good and kind; be kind and brave; be you because everyone else is taken; end this year and say goodbye my past; goodbye to everyone left and everyone I left; sorry If I hurt anyone; but not sorry to leave because I deserve better than this; forgive and forget; live and love and laugh; just wrap it and let it go with the wind.

I wish you all good days fill with happiness and love, days fill with dreams and hope; love you all and wait for more posts to come here; till then I’ll miss you and wish you all the best in your life; love you all, be good and be happy ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


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