Holly Jolly Christmas

Here it comes; here You are waiting for it;

the lights in the streets fill the darkness with hope;

the sky with stars and moon fill your way with wishes;

the snow falls and build ways to you to play and laugh;

the rain drops wash away the past and pain;

the love comes by your side and kiss you;

the new chances knock the door to come and make you happy;

the story ends to begin a new one;

the year ends to begin a new year with love;

here it comes, the Christmas; the best time of the year;

here it comes with hope that tomorrow will be better;

here it comes with a new love and new story to write;

Oh, Christmas, how wonderful you’re with your lights and ornaments;

with your trees and stars; with your hot chocolate made with love;

with your gifts and shinny smiles; with your surprises;

with Santa comes to the doors and says HO HO HO; Merry Christmas;

With Wrapping the pain and throw it away;

With Kids playing and making snow men;

with lovers kiss each other under the mistletoe;

Hey Christmas; may the new year be happier and better for everyone;

Christmas comes with love, forgiveness and letting go.

Merry and Bright ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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