5 ways to nail your 2020

Hello everyone; How are you doing? How’s December so far? Miss me 😀 I miss you all; so today we will have a talk about something we all struggle at; yeah, every year I’ve that struggle, so I’ll share it with you 😀

Be ready, grab your coffee or your drink and come let’s have a talk.

Every year we say, I’ll do this and this and that, but nothing mush happens; why is that? Why our resolutions and goals we set for the year doesn’t come true.

Simply because sometimes, maybe most of the times it’s not realistic, or maybe it’s an overwhelming goals; maybe it should take more that a year to happen.

What should we do about that? How we write our goals and achieve them?

Come with me to tell you some tips and tricks, maybe you can call it 5 ways to nail your 2020 😉

1- Review your year:

It might sound weird, or difficult, but it’s not; simply sit in somewhere quite and take a paper and pen or you can take your mobile phone or your lap; doesn’t matter where or how you want to write it; all it matters is to write down your year and how it was.

Sit and don’t let anything distract you; write down and review your year; get it all out from inside you and let it go.

Write it, read what you wrote and then wrap the year forever.

2- plan your 2020

Buy a planner or make your bullet journal; or just a piece of paper and start planning your year; start with your priorities; write your goal, be realistic when you write it, some goals take a year, some take more and some take less.

Plan how you want your year to look like and what you want most from it; it might be a one goal or two, but don’t exceed it more that 5 goals; write them down and then start planning daily and weekly.

Always review your day after it finishes and write down what you learn from it; everyday there’ll be a new lesson, start learning from it and work with what you learn.

Plan your year and start working hard to make it comes true.

3- Build positive habits

Start changing yourself to your better version and build some new habits; healthy and positive habits to help you reach your goals.

Habits are what build the routines; every time it becomes healthy and good, it’ll make your life better and faster to reach your goals.

Every month you can change a habit, but an advice, don’t make it in one month, take three month, one to change a habit and two to get used to it.

4- Never stop learning:

Never stop learning; Choose something to learn; new skills, or new language, or new subject or anything you want to learn.

Start now and never postpone it; there are many websites that can help you learn, some paid and some free; also there’s apps in Google play or Apple store to help you out.

However you choose your way never stop learning; learning something new will open up your mind and will help you out to reach your goals and make your dream life comes true.

5- Enjoy the moment and live the now:

Don’t forget to live the moment; don’t waste your now while thinking about the future or crying on the past; enjoy your life; live it and do what makes you happy.

Do what you love and have hobbies to make you relax and calm down from time to time; hobbies will help you out and brush away the stress and anxiety from your mind; live your moment, enjoy it and always smile, because now is all what matters and all what we have in our hands.

Read, draw, write, take pics or whatever you love to do in your free time and enjoy it to the fullest.

Thank you all for reading; thanks for being here and following me; love you all and till the next time be happy and have a good life and never stop being you, never stop smiling. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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