Everyday is Women’s day

Hello Everyone; How are you doing? how’s the weekend? how’s the life so far?

Hope you’re all enjoying your time and if not I hope you’ll. ❤ 😀 I missed you so much, missed writing for you and for myself. ^_^

Happy international women’s day; without any further ado; let’s grab our coffee and talk; if you like tea or any other drink, good grab it and come with us. 😀 🙂

“A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd; she is herself.”

–Loretta Young

Everyday is a women’s day; it’s not just today; I said that the last year and year before and every year will always say it; why? because we all know it’s not a one day celebration; it’s everyday and every year and every moment we should cherish her and celebrate her…

We are not here to talk about the quality of the women or to talk about gender equality or about feminism or fighting against men; not even talking about successful stories of the women, but I’ll talk about women in our lives; women in the streets; women we meet everyday and know nothing about their pain and their lives.

Women who are infamous; yeah, I’ll talk about those women; the women who are mothers, sisters, servants, workers, daughters and wives and so on…

We may listen about many successful stories, but we don’t listen about this girl who have been raped or been harassed; or this woman who pushed out to leave her job because she has aids, or this wife who been hit everyday or this daughter that can’t get out because she has a control freak parents, that didn’t got enough controlling their lives and not controlling their daughter.

I watched a movie that recently been added to Netflix at 6 March called ‘Guilty’ at first before watching it I didn’t know what it’s about?

Guilty 2020 Netflix movie

This movie about raping and I won’t say much about the story, I’m not here to talk about the movie or advertise it; I’m here to talk about every girl who been told to wear good and moderate to be good and always know your red lines to not fall for bad men; every girl raised to be afraid and be always guilty, but men when rape the community says they are men!

Really? What is that crap? if he’s raping it’s okay, if he walks naked it’s okay, but if she’s wearing short dress or skirt or something opened she’s bad, if she works in porn she’s a whore but if he works in porn that means he’s a man! sorry if my language is so bad or so explicit, but why every time we always blame her, but never blame him.

That’s not mean porn is right or mean I’m encouraging her walk naked, but at the end it’s her body, it’s her life let her do whatever she wants and let her be responsible for herself, but never ever disrespect her or judge her or be guilty toward her and never be unfair…

We are all guilty that we never punish the rapist; we are all guilty we never stand for the girls and the women who been through all of this, we are guilty because we keep silence thinking like that we’re saving ourselves.

Again sorry for my explicit talk and sorry if my words would hurt anyone, but truth always hurt.

I’m not just talking about women and girls have been raped, also women who fight for their rights, who fight to save themselves and fight for their children.

Women who run from a husbands hit them and fight to live a better life; women who work harder to achieve their dreams; women who fight everyday to raise a kid and be worker and also achieve her dreams; yeah; they can be mothers and dreamers too.

Real women not only who we know from TV or books or movies, real women are everywhere and around us, they are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, workers, servants and more than we can imagine; real women not just who write a book, but also who fights for her life.

I salute every woman in this world, famous or not, salute every girl, salute every wife, every mother, salute the woman who raised me to be respectful and never judge anyone; I salute every man respect women and treat them as queens, every man fight to help women; I salute every husband respect his wife, every son respect his mother, every man help without asking anything in return.

I salute every girl and every woman in this huge world, always remember my lady to be you and only yourself.

Hope you all read this, share it and don’t mind my language today; also hope we all learn and know it’s enough and never disrespect any woman whoever she is, always respect and for every woman out there be yourself, fight for your dreams and be your life’s hero…

Thank you all, seen soon, till later be happy, enjoy life and always smile 😉 do what love and love what you do ❤ love you all ❤ see you next time. ❤ XO XO


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