The Daily Brew #1

Hello everyone; how are you doing? 😀 How’s life? How’s work and everything? Hope you’re enjoying your time and if not hope this new thing I have for you will boost your mood…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and didn’t know how to organize it or plan for it, but I think the best way to do it is to do it now and go with it; so grab your coffee and come with me for a new idea, micro blogging and I’ll call it the daily brew; you know I’m addicted to coffee 😀 so it’s how I want to call it.

If you don’t like coffee, it’s fully okay with me just grab your favorite drink and come with me to chat a little…

I though much about this idea and didn’t take a step for it, but I decided to start it and see how it will go with me; I got enough thinking and want to start doing 😀 😀

This micro blog is a daily thoughts, entertainments, ideas, lifestyle, and everything I’m writing about and we are interested about, things and lessons I want to share with you; to talk to you and be with you, to motivate each other and inspire each other.

So, here we are the daily brew #1 😀 without further ado lets go and chat a little 😉 🙂

Today I want to talk about thinking but not doing; yeah sometimes we sop at the point of thinking and having ideas, sometimes we put it on papers, but we don’t do anything; we don’t take actions to move from having idea to work on it.

That what happened with me; I’ve been thinking and thinking about this micro blog for a lot, but never took any actions; I woke up today and I had an email from “wordpress” for some ideas and actions to take to grow my blog; I read it and a voice hit my head and told me; “okay , why procrastinating your idea, start doing and enough thinking.”

So after finishing my writing in my morning pages and planning and organizing; I took a shower and here it is; I started writing this to you all; the lesson I want to share with you all is enough thinking and start take action.

Yeah, you might fail, but also you might success; who knows? you won’t know without testing it and that’s the only way to know if the idea will success or not is to start taking actions to test it and see what will happen next!

That’s what I’m doing now with you I’m starting my micro blogging idea “The daily brew” and share with you something I’ve learned, a lesson that sometimes thinking won’t get you anywhere; only actions will; it’s like taking the risk and wait for the results.

I hope I you like this and follow for more “Daily brews” 😀 enjoy your day and till the next time be happy, smile and always be yourself; love you all ❤ ❤ XO XO


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