The Daily Brew #2

Hello everyone, how are you? How’s your day so far? Welcome to the 2nd day at my Micro blog “The Daily Brew” .

Grab your coffee or your favorite drink and lets chat a little about whatever comes in our minds 😉 without any further ado let’s go…

Today I want to talk about self esteem; how we see our values; how we see ourselves; sometimes we go through this low self-esteem when we keep saying we are wrong, we deserve what happened, we don’t deserve love or good friends.

Sometimes when someone hurts us or gives pain to us or something happens that makes us feel sad; at the end we say we deserve this or this is our fault and all of those words that makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Why? Because we are human, but that’s not mean we should keep doing that? we are human, yes; we do mistakes, we take bad decisions; we know bad people, but that’s not mean to low from our values and keep saying crap about ourselves.

Don’t say you don’t deserve love or deserve the best in your life or you don’t deserve good friends; this isn’t right; don’t keep lowing yourself esteem; don’t look at the mirror and say that you have to accept it; because no, you don’t have to accept it or accept some bad people or shitty people to treat you like shit.

You make Mistakes, we all do; who doesn’t? You take bad decisions, yeah, we are all the same in different situations; You feel you want to cry and scream, do it now; you feel bad and hurt, it’s okay we all felt that and we all lived through that and still live through it from time to time.

I can’t say I’m the best to give the advice, but I’m that human being who lives through a lot of shit in her life and everyday I wake up and look at the mirror and remember that I don’t deserve this shit; I Deserve the best and to take my best is to do the best I can to live the life I want and dream about.

Don’t hurt yourself, don’t feel low, don’t ever push yourself hard; it’s okay to cry, okay to scream aloud; okay to take a rest, but not okay to accept it and never okay to give up on yourself…

Get Up, look at the mirror and wear your best smile and say “I deserve the best in my Life.” 😉 ❤

Thank you all for reading and having time for my little coffee talk ❤ love you all; till the next time be happy, smile and believe in yourself ❤ XO XO

Note: The Pic. I chose is my photography 🙂 😀 ❤


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