The Daily Brew #3

Hello everyone, how are you today? How’s life so far? Here we are at the 3rd day at my micro-blog “The Daily Brew” 😀

Today I’ll tell you something I learned from one of my favorite movies ever; so without any further ado let’s grab our coffee and go chatting; if you don’t like coffee, please grab your drink and come with us.

I watched “The Little Women” the new version; I love that story, even I didn’t read the book yet 😀 but I love it so much; I love every character of the four girls, but the most one I’m related to personally is “Jo” or “Josephine” as her full name; she’s the writer, the independent and the dreamer who dream about being a novelist, a writer.

The Little Women

In the Era where community saw women only fit in home as wives and mothers, this story gives us a beautiful, grace and amazing symbols of women with different minds and personalities.

It gave us something to remind us that there’s nothing calls impossible; nothing we can’t achieve in this life; we live now in the New Era of Internet, emails, chats, mobile phones, smart phones, Google who answers almost everything; we live in the Era where we should never say about anything is Impossible; how can it be impossible if we never tried our best to work it out?

We stopped trying and some of us gave up their dreams so quickly; what I love about those kind of novels and movies is the way they show us how much each of us can do and achieve in the life; so why should we give up our dreams? Is it because of Money? Is it because of the difficulties we face everyday? Is it because of people who try their best to humiliate us? Is it because of who tries to stop us and prevents us from making our dreams come true?

Why Should we give up, when everything is a sign to tell us never give up on yourself and your dreams; this movie is something like that for me and maybe for almost all of you; it’s about love, hope, life and friendship; it’s about dreaming, about believing that yeah, we can do it.

It gave me something I almost forgot, something about me as a writer, about me as a dreamer; about all of us whatever our dreams are; it’s about believing we can achieve it and we can make it through every difficult situation; it reminded me of who am I really; that Girl “JO” I see myself in her, see myself when I torn my writing apart because I believed once that no one likes my writings; I’m like her when I just feel alone; but at the end she succeeded, she did it, so why not me? what on earth prevents me from achieving my dreams? What prevents you all?

It’s you and only you who can stop you from doing whatever you want; not people, not money, not some difficulties, nothing at all but yourself; believe that you can and you’ll do it; believe in yourself and you’ll make it comes true…

Thank you all for having time to read this and hope you enjoyed it ❤ love you all; till the next time, be happy, enjoy your day and smile always and remember be yourself 😉 you’re amazing as you’re ❤ love you ❤ XO XO


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