The Daily Brew #4

Hello everyone; How are you all? How’s life so far? We are in Egypt having storms and rain all the day; so I’m stuck at home, but that’s not mean we can’t create some content.

Oh, let’s grab something hot and warm for this weather; for me always coffee 😀 but if you don’t like coffee, it’s okay, grab your drink and come with us. 😉

Today’s Daily Brew is about being motivated even in the worst situation; we all face difficulties, problems and awkward situations in life; sometimes we feel the need to give up and cry hard; sometimes we even can’t sleep or forget what happened to us.

We live through many things in the day; we lose people, we get hurt, we hurt someone; we feel pain, we cry, we get angry and so on… But we all human so it’s okay to cry and scream and be angry; it’s okay to stop for a moment and review all what happened to us.

It’s okay to feel bad sometimes, but this won’t change the facts and won’t change what happened; it won’t change the past; take it as lesson to motivate yourself; take it as lesson to learn and never fall in the same mistake again.

Take it as a push to be better and be stronger; take it as motivation to inspire yourself and never give up; take it and turn it from sorrow to motivation; find your motivation and inspiration in your sorrows; find it in your problems; find the motivation from everyday situations; don’t give up; you can stop; you can pause for a while and breath deep; cry if you want, but never ever give up.

Thank you all for having time to me and my micro-blog “The Daily Brew”; love you all, till the next time be happy, enjoy and smile even in the darkest moment there’ll be the light… ❤ ❤ love you all ❤ XO XO

Note: the image I chose for today’s daily brew is my photography; hope you like it ❤ 😉


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