The Daily Brew #5

Hello Everyone; How are you? How’s life? How’s everything? I know I didn’t write the past couple of days; I was thinking about writing this one and finish with it….

I’m writing this one to everyone out there reading my blog; I din’t want to write about “The Virus Corona” I’m not a fan of writing those types of things in my blog or anything like that, but we all need to understand what’s going on and what happens out there in the world.

I’m not here to repeat what you already know or repeat the advises that been all over the media and social media; I just want to say that we need to be careful and take those advises seriously and do it.

We need to be safe and keep our family safe as much as we can; It’s not because the virus is something big or not or writing this to make you afraid; no, not that I’m here to tell you be safe, never stop working for your dreams; even if you are in home remember the positive things we can do like reading, online studies, like relaxing, getting closer to our families and love ones; like resting awhile from running after money and work.

Yes, I know there are out there people who need money and work hard for it; we all some way or another need money and work, but our safety first to be able to work and help others; to be back stronger; I’m here and writing this to tell you all that everything will be okay; I pray for this and everything will be normal again and maybe better than before.

Remember what I said about being positive and doing things you might been procrastinating like finishing a book or drawing something or meditation or studying or whatever it is, just never stop and be positive and be safe.

Don’t stop dreaming and waste time on nothing; take this time as a time to reset, to pause a while, to be with your family, to do a lot that you couldn’t do it before; just never give up and sit doing nothing; be positive please in this situation we all face all over the world.

My Pray to Italy, and hope you’ll get through this; every country out there facing this I pray for you and everything will be okay and good and maybe better than before, I hope that.

Please, everyone do as the advises say, be safe, don’t be hard on yourself; reflect that time and turn it from negative to positive thinking and don’t waste your time; and never ever give up.

I hope I didn’t take much from your time and be safe, be well, be happy and love you all; thank you for reading this and following my blog; till the next time be happy, enjoy every moment, and be safe ❤ ❤ XO XO


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