The daily Brew #8

Hello everyone; How are you today? How’s the quarantine?

I know it’s not that good, but let’s have some time together and boost our moods.

Let’s grab our coffee or any drink you want and come to chat a little and have some time with each other.

Today I’m drinking sparkling water, I drank two cups of coffee already 😀 so anyway let’s go and chat about the social media; without any further ado let’s go.

Almost everyone now has a social media account; it not all of us, some have Twitter, some have Facebook, others Instagram and some like me have all of them; beside the advantages you can have from the social media, it also effects us in many bad ways.

Some of us now have panic attacks because of the social media; some hate their lives because of what they see everyday from others lives; some became complaining every and each day about this and that because of the social media.

Some bulling others, like what happens with actors and celebrities; some committed suicides because some people bullied them…

Yeah, that’s happened and we read about it everyday; some people want to lose weight because they can’t be confident because hell yeah, the social media talks everyday about this woman who works out or 30 day challenges that I know it’s healthy, but also it’s harmful.

When we keep pushing and pushing, some will explode and some will die, and so little who are strong to fight the harm; workout is good, 30 day challenges are good, lose weight is healthy, travelling is amazing, being in love and have a significant other is wonderful, but those who always show you their perfect life or that perfect routine; they are not perfect, they are human like you and me and they won’t show their bad sides in life.

They won’t take pics of their fights, or of their failures; they don’t tell you that they failed many times to be who they are now, because baby we sell success in the social media, we sell the good life, the dreamy life we all wish for; but do we really wish for that life others live? Do we wish to be fit? Do we wish to be in love, just to take pics and publish it? Do we wish to travel? Do we like what others like? Did you ever think about you and only you? What do you want from this life without looking to others or make them effect you badly!

Again I say social media is amazing and helps a lot; but also it influences us to do what we don’t want to do or buy what we don’t need, it gives you that impression of wanting what you don’t want.

Remember that you can success but before you have to fail and to fall many times to learn, social media sell the success stories but will never tell you about the bad stories and the failures who became what you see now; be you, be strong, detox from social media when you feel stress, anxious, if you get panic attacks, please detox from it from time to time.

If You want to lose weight, good, I’m trying to lose some fat too :D, if you want to dance, okay good, go for it; if you need this or that buy it if you have enough money; don’t do anything because social media makes it trendy..

Trend is what they make to sell and have money; don’t give them the money that you need to build your life and your dreams…

Be You, be strong, detox a little, don’t be attached to what not yours; just be you and remember what you really want and dream for…

Thank you all for having time to read this; till the next time be safe, stay home and safe, be positive and be happy and always smile 😉 ❤ Love you all ❤ XO XO


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