The Daily Brew #9

Hello everyone; how are you doing? How’s life?

I don’t know how to begin; it’s been a while since the last daily brew; I was tired, had few breakouts on my face, it’s like a disaster few days; I always sleepy and can’t concentrate on anything, not writing nor editing photos not working on my photography skills; nothing at all.

I’m always tired, always anxious, don’t want to do anything, always fighting with my family; everyday was like the other day and the day after it; I got fresh up and did some self care, but nothing changed…

I didn’t lose weight or exercised or anything; I kept sitting and all I did is playing games; today I woke up and heard a podcast calls “Kalyn’s coffee talk” here’s the link to the episode

I love that podcast and also her YouTube channels, “Koze” and “Kalyn Nikolson” she was talking about productivity and the hustles we all face now days; she talked about being burnt out, your energy and time are burnt out; you might not see it or realize it, but it’s true; for me I realized the symptoms she talked about and how to know if you’re burning out or not…

I realized that I’m burnt out, I’m tired and can’t concentrate or work or do anything at all; also we are all guilty because we made productivity seems like a marathon we have to win it; I once read some quote says:

“that we are in a pandemic not a productivity marathon”


Yeah, we are guilty toward ourselves, toward our bodies and minds; sometimes we are guilty toward our families and loved ones; we all became obsessed to workout, or to work or to study or some 30 days challenge; we even became obsessed to to this like this influencer on Instagram or that tik tok thing even meditation became like a marathon or something that doesn’t related to calm down and relax; it almost became as a job we have to do….

Social media became more toxic and some get anxious and panic attacks from social media; oh how can I forget about purchasing things we might not need it and wasting our money on nothing…

I’m guilty somehow because I was hard on myself everyday I say to myself that I’ve to get up, workout and do some work; I’ve to do this and that and be productive until I fell down and got tired mentally and psychically…

WE are in a hustle called productivity; it became a toxic; yeah, I know we have dreams, we have work, we want to have hope that this period will move on and everything will be good after that.

But we also need to slow down, we need to stop, just stop and take a moment, ask yourself, are you really productive here? can you sleep peacefully? can you enjoy sometime with your family? can you not thinking about work after finish it or just meditate without thoughts “of what you should do” blow your mind out; can you just sit without doing anything or think of anything?

It’s a hustle and we all make it a trend and run after it; it’s not good and it’s okay to calm down and slow a little; it’s okay to not do anything and start resting; it’s okay to feel tired and relax a little; it’s okay to stop and pause…

WE need to slow down and stop burning out ourselves; we keep burning and wasting our energy and time; let’s stop this hustle and stop this shitty marathon everyone keeps pushing you toward it….

Do some detox, rest, relax, breath and calm down; slow down and start gaining your mental and physical health; your body and mind and soul has rights too, don’t be wronged toward them!

Note: the photo I took, it’s my work and I put it as a symbol of productivity everyone runs after it…


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