The Daily Brew #10

Hello Everyone; How are you? I know it’s been a lot and I didn’t write for a while; I miss you all; how’s life and the Quarantine?

I want today to talk with you about mental health and what are we going through is effecting us badly!

I’ve been living a very stressful days and that’s one of the reasons I’ve not been here writing to you; I know we all want our normal lives to be back and even some of us realized how our lives were better than now.

We write about tips and tricks on how to make the most of your quarantine useful, but sometimes if not the most of the time we fall apart and feel anxious and stressed too.

Sometimes I wake up and say today will be good and I’ll do this and that, but after an hour or something I feel like I’ve no energy to do anything at all; today I was taking pics of my diffuser and my essential oils, then I said to myself why not spread some positive vibes and some healthy tips and tricks to remind myself with you all that we are safe and healthy.

And that should make us grateful, I know it’s a very difficult time and a very stressful situation, but how about be positive and talk a little together to encourage each other to get through this.

So grab your coffee and let’s talk about essential oils and diffusers; I’m eating now to prepare myself to my fasting hours as we are in Ramadan, my favorite month ever.

Almost all of us now know about essential oils and their benefits; some uses it to make their homes smell good, some uses it in cleaning, some uses it to relax and meditation and some uses it for all the above and more.

I won’t talk about their benefits, or about how to use it; I want to talk about how it helps in that time we live now, I bought a 12 bottles of different amazing scents essential oils and with the package there’s the old school diffuser 😀 yeah I like to call it that 😀 anyway I was afraid that some of the smells I won’t like because I don’t like strong sugary scents, but this one was different and I loved it; fortunately 😀

And when I used it, I found out how it made me relax and calm a little; then I realized, I can’t change that situation the whole world live in; I can’t change the past and the days that gone or get it back, I can’t control the future that I don’t have a clue about; I can’t control everything; sometimes I need to let go and stop overthinking everything.

We can’t change what happen now, but we can begin concentrating on our lives and what we need to do to change the bad habits and the things we wanted to change before and always said that we don’t have time.

We need to have time to talk to ourselves and see what it need to regain its energy and be positive that everything will be good and maybe better that before; we can get back to reading, or maybe that hobby you left for so long, or maybe have time with family. Whatever it is try to talk to yourself and find it out what your mind needs, what your body needs, what your soul needs to be good and healthy.

It’s normal to feel broken, stressed and anxious, but we can’t keep living like that, that will kill us slowly; so we need sometime, some quality time to have with ourselves and be honest and find out what we can do to get ourselves from that negativity and do what we want and build the life we want; life isn’t just money and things you buy, life is much more; the love of your family, the love of your friends, the love of your significant other.

Life is about what you already have and being grateful about it; life is like those essential oils, it smells good but we don’t realize it because we are always busy thinking and doing things that made us stressed out.

I hope I didn’t take much of your time and thank you all for reading; hope you get out your essential oils and smell it while relaxing a little; if you don’t have it or can’t buy it, do so DIY at your home or maybe get creative and have a relaxing shower with your favorite shower gel or put some perfume you love or maybe a moisturizer, whatever you do just realize the little things you have and blessed with; love you all, till the next time, smile, be safe and be grateful. ❤ ❤ ❤ XO XO

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