Hello June

Hello everyone; How are you so far? How are you doing? I miss you as always ❤ How’s life and everything?

Are you ready to have a little talk with me; on our date with a cup of coffee and maybe some snacks or dessert; or just the coffee is enough; if you are not a coffee type, totally fine; get your favorite drink and let’s have a talk. 😀 ❤

They say new beginnings always better; always fresh and good to begin with whatever you want; we are all, almost all of us attracted to new beginnings, new year, new week, new month and new day; it’s like that sun shines every morning; that sun rays that comes through your Windows and say good morning beautiful people.

It feels fresh, like the smell of the coffee from your machine, or that tee that smells perfect; or like flowers the you brought home with you after a long day and the smell of it makes you feel good and fresh.

It’s what they call Fresh start; as formatting your device and make it clean; or that deep cleaning you do in the house; or when you declutter your social media or phone or the laptop; it’s the it’s the beginnings; the 1st day of the year; the 1st day of the month; the 1st day of the week or even the 1st hour of the morning.

Today is the 1st of June; Hello June, welcome you with us; In this time we live at we feel negative about everything goes on around us; it’s like a bad effect on our lives; yeah, covid 19 or corona virus or call it whatever you want; that’s not all even our problems, anger and so on; believe me I can keep going on the negativity that surrounds us without finishing it; but where is the positive things?

That is the question? Last month was anxious, full of anger and emotional; last night I watched one of the YouTube channels I love calls Lavendaire; here is the link if you want to watch it; she talked about June planning; she said that sentence; “The last month in one word” I sat down and started reflecting the last month and even my whole life; I found out that I’ve been in this for so long, in that negativity for so so long that I can’t take it anymore and I want to free myself from it.

It’s a new month; let’s leave the past behind and start manifest the life we want; the life we dream about; let’s smile and say hi to the offer of the new beginning that we couldn’t see because we was concentrating on the negativity, we couldn’t see anything; so why not now start reflect everything and learn from the past; then make the present better.

You know that quote:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

― Bill Keane

Yes, yesterday we can’t control it anymore; the future we don’t even know it to control it; all what we have is today, this moment; this second we breath, we live; it’s all about now; so say hi to now and start working on making your life better and be positive that one day everything will be good and life will be better.

Let’s say goodbye to yesterday, to the past and say hello to the present; let’s turn every negative thing into positive thing; they tell you about the law of attraction; why not try it?!

Why not take the chance to see if it’ll work or not? let’s today manifest positive things, manifest hope for better life; manifest mental and physical health; manifest the positive in everything.

Let’s start this month with one word; what do you want this month to be? How do you want it to be? What is the thing you want to manifest this month?

After answering that; go and plan your June; go and start working for the life you want; for the goals you want to achieve; enough with the negativity; enough with the past and hello to the present; hello to the new beginning; hello to June; hello to our dreams and let’s be motivated and sure that we can and we will…

Thank you all for reading this and having time for me; thank you for being here and supporting me; Love you all and till the next time, smile, be happy, be positive and stay safe; don’t forget to manifest the life you want 😉 … Love You ❤ ❤ XO XO


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