The Daily Brew #12

Hello everyone; how are you? How was your 1st day at June? How’s life so far?

Here we are back to the daily Brew 😀 ❤ so my favorite people, let’s enjoy the cup of coffee with a little chat; or if not coffee any drink you want will be good 😉 ❤ without any further ado let’s go….

It’s a new month, they say you need from 21 to 30 days to build a habit; a fun fact for me I need more 😀 anyway, it’s true, building a habit isn’t something you can do in one night; it needs work, consistency and patience.

It will be hard and it’ll be painful, but it’s good for you and will be a good in your life from now on; so for June let us build a new habit that helps us be positive, productive and patience; we need patience in this circumstance we live in now.

But what is this habit? I’ll give you some ideas, you can choose from or go and search for a habit you want to build, or maybe you know one and just want a motivation to start; that’s why I think this will encourage all of us to start now better than later.

Here’s some new habits ideas:

  • Yoga; actually this is my new habit, I always wanted to be healthy, fixable, and patience; that’s why I chose this one because I believe yoga can teach you a lot like being grateful, accepting your body and love yourself as you’re.
  • Reading: reading is something that today not like the past, there are now movies and shows; people don’t prefer reading so much; but reading actually a good habit it’s like a workout for your mind and your soul; you know what they say here in Egypt; “A healthy body in a healthy mind”
  • Workout: you know this one, I tried it many times and still fail, but I won’t give up 😀 move your body; go get up and move; do anything from cleaning your house to walk in the house again and again; you can use something like smart watches, Fitbit, or Google fit or Samsung fit to count some steps and put a goal everyday and move to achieve it.
  • Learn Mandala: this one I did it, it’s amazing and you don’t have to know how to draw at all, Mandala is a very therapeutic; it helps you to relax and to look at everything around you; it teaches you to realize the details that you might never saw before…
  • Study a new language: a new language is something fancy and open your mind and imagination to a whole different culture; wow it’s wonderful right!
  • Write a journal: My favorite; writing is amazing to get all your feelings out and start fresh; it’s like going to a therapy…
  • Write a letter: yeah, you read it right; write a letter, to someone that left your life, to someone you can’t forgive or forget; to yourself maybe; to your kids that they aren’t here yet; or if you have kids write for them to read when they are old; or maybe just write a letter to someone in the past…
  • Learn a new skill; any skill in your mind, now in the world of the internet you can easily learn it; just go for it; for this you can find a lot of choices of skills you can choose from in and it’s less than 10 USD per month in Egypt it’s almost 160 Egp per month; yeah it’s not expensive when you can find any skill in your mind there; but if you want to try it first without paying here’s a link for a free two months to enjoy and then decide 😉 ❤ easy, click on the link and use the free months ❤ (Note: this isn’t sponsored)

Now, what did you choose? choose whatever you feel right for yourself and and will add good in your life, please share it with me and let’s help ourselves to be better and positive. ❤

Love you all and thank you so much for reading this; hope you’re safe and good; till the next time, stay safe, be positive, stay home and smile everything will be good ❤ love you ❤ XO XO

Note: the photo is taken by me, it’s my work and the list in the photo is from Dawenha in Egypt, it’s a list for a new habit in 30 days ❤


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