The Fire Alarm

It was the midnight; I can remember everything and every detail about that day; I was falling asleep, not so deep, still, I can feel everything around me; the laptop on the other side on the bed; in a hotel room, my Mom sleeping like a baby; she doesn’t sleep much, but here she felt safe and good.

The silence of the night, no sound but a complete silence; the city sleeps early and for me, I’m a night owl, that day I felt tired and started to fall asleep.

Dreaming about the next day and what the plan will be? excited to spend every moment on that trip and enjoy it; suddenly a sound, so loud and so annoying; a new sound I never heard before, a sound that freaked me out; the sound said “Evacuate the building” at the first I though I was dreaming or something.

But it became loud and louder than before; I got up from the bed; waking up my Mom, I can’t think of anything, Mom woke up and we can’t know what to do; it was a new experience; I called the reception; they assured me that everything is okay, the alarm stopped and when I was going to take a deep breath, suddenly it came again and the alarm was so loud that my ears began to hurt me; I wore my clothes, My Dad woke up and all I can think about is them, Mom and Dad; we took our phones, passports and some cash; nothing elese.

Every moment passed that alarm became louder; I felt like it’ll explode in my ears; my legs stopped for a while, but I managed to move it and we were in the last level at the hotel, it felt like forever, I felt so slow that I was saying sorry to people behind me; until we got downstairs and opened the back door to the street.

When I opened that door and felt that cold breeze form the winter air; that breeze felt like I’m reborn again; like a new life I won; My Mom and Dad sat down and I saw the others, from everywhere, who was afraid to lose their children, or those old couples who hugged each other; or that new couple in a honeymoon; or that wife who came with her kids to see her husband after few months of working outside his country; those friends in a vacation; or those teammates in a work trip…

People from everywhere; different but same feelings, the same fear of losing the loved ones; same feeling of that alarm that was ringing on my ears; I looked at everyone there, their faces, my parent’s faces, my face was red and that cold breeze felt so alive for me like never before; it was so new to experience that thing and I remembered that question I always hear in the movies; “If there’s a fire what you will take with you?”

I looked at them, Mom and Dad, yes, my family comes first always whatever happened between us, whatever we live, whatever differences and problems we have, always they come first; but again I though what if I was alone! What I’ll take and then I looked at my hands shivered from the air mixed with the fear inside my heart; and said If I was alone I’ll take my passion, my dreams, my life, my love; life isn’t about that laptop I could lose forever with those pics I worked hard for, not that camera I saved a lot to buy; not that money I left behind; I was afraid of losing my work, my hard work, my passion, after family I couldn’t think of anything but my dream will go with this fire forever….

I kept looking at the building, the police came and I was praying, and then nothing, no fire, nothing at all, the police came to us to say sorry about what happened it was something wrong in that alarm; we got inside the hotel and sat down in the reception my legs couldn’t hold me anymore; I thanked Allah for this and then we got up to our room; I hoped and wished to this night to end.

A new experience, it might be normal for others, or maybe they experienced before, but for me, it was just so new, so fresh and I’ll always remember it; it taught me that we have one life and nothing is guaranteed; nothing as true as that everything could end in a moment; Life is to be lived; life is a gift, we all took it for granted; we think we will live forever and sometimes we can’t see or enjoy those moments, little moments; and now that coronavirus it’s like a sign that this life can end in just a blink…

Live your life, live your dreams, live your passion, give love, forgive and move on; enjoy those moments with family, friends and loved ones; enjoy every breath you take and be grateful for this moment you live; you’re alive and that’s so big to be grateful for; it’s a chance to be better and be yourself; it’s a chance to fulfill your dreams…

Enjoy life, live it, be you and work for you, give love and love will come back to you; be happy and smile even if it’s tough; smile because you can, smile even in painful moments because that’s how you beat that pain…

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