Life’s Question

They always ask; who do you want to be after 5 years? they ask it when you fill your college application; they ask it when you go to job interviews; they ask it in school; even your family ask it…

Here when it all comes to you that you never though about it; here it comes when you realize that you actually don’t have an idea about that future they ask about…

Here it comes when you realize that you never thought about it; that life’s question everyone asks! some will tell you they just want to be happy, some will say life goes as they organized it; some will make plans, some will go with the flow and others just will live every and each moment as life gifted to them…

Who are you between all of those people? for me we all need happiness, love, plans, success and even we want to make families; but do we take it all? can we make it possible?

When they asked me, I found out that I didn’t know myself at the first; I never knew that I don’t want that normal job when I wake up 6 am and take my lunch box to the office everyday; I never wanted that normal life, normal love and quite peaceful life 😀 yes, I’m crazy, who doesn’t want to live peacefully! who doesn’t want that salary every month when they can save for a vacation or for a marriage or for a car maybe! who doesn’t wish that beautiful quite love with marriage and children?! Who doesn’t want that must be crazy, right??

Yeah; I’m crazy, the first time they asked me this question I tried my best to find the perfect answer, they after like hundreds of interviews I found out the facts I never realized before; I never stopped watching those movies like breakfast club, kissing booth, high school musical and those teenager movies that will tell you that this question is nothing but trying hard to plan for the future that we actually don’t have a control at….

I realized how much I love movies, cinema, editing, film making, photography and writing; how much I love to live another life for 90 minutes or another life from a book I read; I found out that I love to travel through time and cities; Yeah, I don’t care if you will say everyone wants this and that because actually we all want everything in this life.

When I fly high to visit another country I feel free like a bird, that when I found out that my home is actually the sky, my home is that book and that movie; my home is where I can find the best script and the perfection inside the imperfection; my home is where my ideas can be loud and speak.

I realized then that I hate being normal and loving being crazy, different and creative; I want to be a part of everyone’s life, to be in their homes, their lives, someway or another to motivate them and give love to everyone even if we don’t know each other…

Ask yourself what life is? actually life is just a gift, take it or leave it, use it well or waste it, life is what you make by your hands, you can make it simple, smooth and you can make it complicated and like hell to live at!

No one knows what they want after 5 years, no one has an idea; it’s funny and true fact; we all want to be happy, live the moment and plan for tomorrow; we all want everything; but what we want after 5 years isn’t a right question; the question should be who are you now and what do you want now? because tomorrow everything might change, someone might come to your life and change a lot or something might happen and change a lot in that life you drew…

Life is a gift live it, yeah, plan for future, dream big, but also enjoy the now, that moment in your hand, that moment you have; enjoy being you because you is the best version for yourself; yeah, you also can change yourself to be better, but still you are interesting as you’re…


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  1. Christopher BAILEY says:

    I read this communication without picking at the writing style, casual examples or indirect message. What I did read was the idea (or concepts, rather) that were expressed so freely like details of a life being described as potential. I felt like this was relatable – at least to myself – so thank whoever wrote this for writing clearly what others too are feeling


    1. I don’t know what to say, I’m really happy that you loved it and happy that it touched you thank you so so much ❤


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