Turkish Delight (part 1)

Hello everyone; how’s everything with you all? As I promised you, I come back with a lot for this October; I know I wasn’t writing for a quite long time, but I’m here with you and missed you so much.

What will our talk be about tonight? grab your coffee, or if your prefer tea or some juice, maybe you love to drink wine, so grab your drink and come with me in a journey to one of the famous countries with its art, music, movies and shows, also they are famous with their Istanbul; I won’t talk about food or history or the cities in Turkey, I will talk about filmmaking and show making in Turkey and give you some ideas about best shows and movies and songs too.

If you like me love to watch movies and shows from different cultures and countries, then come with me and let’s have a drink while we are on our way in the fantasy of Turkey; without any further ado let’s begin our journey….

I remember the first time I watched a Turkish show was Gümüş for Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Songül Öden; and it was dubbed in Arabic, but I managed to get the original and from hearing the language and loving it, I decided to go to study it and chose it in the university, to study the Turkish language and their culture.

Then I became in love with their work of art and how they make movies and shows and even hearing their songs, fun fact the first song I ever heard for them even before watching Gümüş was Tarkan song Kiss Kiss 😀 ; so come with me to introduce you to wonderful movies, shows and songs to enjoy a little… ❤ 😉

Sadece Sen

Only You

If you love some romance with a little bit of action, this one you are going to like it; it’s a movie about a blind girl who will fall in love with an ex-boxer, when they started building their life, this past came back to hunt him and changed everything…

This movie is one my favorite, not just because the story, because you might see that story in other movies from different languages, but also because I adore İbrahim Çelikkol and Belcim Bilgin. ❤ ❤

You’ll find it in Netflix or if not there you are going to find it with translation, google it and enjoy. ❤ 😉

Siyah Beyaz Aşk

Another work for Ibrahim and this time is a show and it calls Siyah Beyaz Aşk or in English Black, white Love; this show is amazing from the story, the directing and the acting of course; the chemistry between Ibrahim and Birce Akalay was beyond amazing. ❤

It’s a story about a Doctor, she’s so good and kind hearted, but she’ll fall in the hands of a dangerous family and will fall in love with her captor; then you’ll see how everything will changes while secrets show up…

Muhteşem İkili

the magnificent two

If you like me can take the risk and watch a show that been canceled then you can watch this one; ok, now you know I love Ibrahim, but let me introduce you to another amazing actor Kerem Bursin and of course the two amazing ladies Özge Gürel, and Öykü Karayel…. ❤

This show for me was wonderful, I don’t know why they canceled it; I loved Ibrahim and Kerem together and hope they can do something like that again together.

This show is about two police men who are magnificent at their work, but they are from friends to two men who fight each other almost every time they see each other, it’s funny to see them and the story was good, hope you watch it because even if it canceled, still one of the good shows to watch…

Şeref Meselesi

Matter of Respect

Another actor I love, Kerem Bursin, he’s one of the bests in the industry; this show is about two brothers moved to Istanbul with their mother and father; then they meet three girls friends, their lives will change after the boys’ father will die and you will see the drama, love and brotherhood of the two wonderful actors Kerem and Şükrü Özyıldız.

I won’t tell the story of the show, go and watch it; it’s full of a lot of events that will keep you captive and want binge it in a day. 😀

Sen Çal Kapımı

You knock my Door

Who doesn’t love some Rom-com from time to time; for me I love rom-com sometimes, specially if it has a story and not just showing me two beautiful couples; this one here is a story and a chemistry.

Kerem Bursin with Hande Erçel, doing some great work together to give us a story of love with some fun; the story is about the famous architecture Serkan Bolat who will meet Eda Yildiz who will change him and his life; I won’t tell the story; the show is still airing every Wednesday at Fox channel in Turkey; but it’s on Shahid VIP if you have it or you can watch it in other sites, just google it ❤ and I hope you love it because yeah, it’s amazing show.. ❤

Also the show will make you witness the power of friendship and how amazing friends can be ❤

Aşk Sana Benzer

Love is like you

Another one of my favorite actors, Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evcan; they are a real life couple, I love them so much when they act together or each one of them in a different work.

This movie is about Ali who works hard to save his restaurant and will fall in love with Deniz, but she has a past that will come and change their present and future…

The movie romantic drama, it’s more like sleeping with the enemy, but it’s one of the good movies and worth watching. ❤ ❤

Kardeşim Benim part 1 and 2

Another movie for Burak with Murat Boz; Murat not just an actor he’s actually a singer; this movie is a comedy movie about two brothers musicians who weren’t talking to each others, but their father’s death will brought them back and will see a movie full of comedy and romance… ❤


the wren

Another work that gather Fahriye with Burak, this show is based on a novel by the same name.

It’s a story of a girl called Feride who lost her mother and her father sent her to her aunt because he worked in the military and died in the action; she will fall in love with Kamran who loved her since they were children.

The show full of a lot to watch for but it unfortunately cancelled; but for me as I said before I don’t care about cancellation, still I will watch it; so try it and watch it; if you like you can find the novel too and read it to know the story. ❤

The show is amazing because of the relation between Kamran and Feride and their mess with each other.. 😀 ❤

Kara Sevda

Endless Love

If you love some tragedy and possessive love, let me take you and watch this wonderful show Kara Sevda or the Endless love; the show is one of the best, from story, to the choosing of the actors and their amazing acting skills; even the antagonist you’ll fall in love with him and feel bad for him sometimes. 😀

This show is another work for Burak and with him you’ll see Neslihan Atagül as a main female character and Kaan Urgancıoğlu as the antagonist; the story about Kemal who will meet Nihan and fall in love with her, Kemal is from a working class family and has two siblings; older brother Tarek and younger sister Zaynep.

Nihan is a rich girl love painting, she’s an artist, has a twin brother Ozan; Emir is a rich business man madly in love with Nihan and will do anything to take her; she never loved Emir and fell in love with Kemal; but Emir will play dirty to make Nihan agrees to marry him….

The show is from one of my favorites, amazing story and acting, it worth watching and you might love and binge it. ❤ ❤

In the end of the first part from the Turkish delight; there will be another part or two to give you the best shows and movies in Turkey; I love you all and thank you for taking times to read this post, hope you enjoy it and hope you choose something to try and watch; it you love any show or movie from above please tell me and if you have another suggestions, tell me about it.

Wait for the next part and till then I will share a playlist I made at Spotify with the same name Turkish Delight with some mix of Turkish songs I keep adding in it and hope you gonna like it. ❤


I hope you love the songs I chose and the playlist; hope also you love today’s post, till the next time be safe and smile always and be happy; enjoy your day or night or afternoon wherever you’re in the world. Love you all ❤ ❤ ❤ XO XO


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