The Playing Cards ( the 2nd night)

“Elena, hey; how are you? Is everything okay?”

“Rebecca, I don’t know if everything okay or not, but I think I’m in love?”

“What?” Helen’s voice came from behind…

“Helen, you’re here too!”

“Yeah, I’m.. come on tell!”

“okay, sit both of you;”

Rebecca and Helen sat beside Elena,

“I met him in the war, you know I was a nurse and he was in the army; he got shot and I was nursing him, we fell in love…”

“Oh my God; what’s his name?” Helen asked


In a blink I was in another scene; Elena was getting married to Marcos; many people, happy faces and then a man in dark blue suite got in and then their gazes met each other; every time they fall for each other from the first time like it’s Fate and no scape from it.

“Come, Vlad;” Marcos said.

“Hello, everyone” he took off his hat and gave Rebecca his hand; she put her hand on his and he kissed her hand;

“this is Vlad, everyone. Vlad this is Rebecca, Helen and her husband Theo, my pretty wife Elena and this is Johnathan and his fiancĂ©e Emalia..”

“Hello, nice to meet you all.”

“Guys, Vlad was lives in Egypt; I met him while I was there and we became friends; he loves to live there.”

“Egypt is beautiful and if you go there you’ll love it.”

“Why do you love it so much?” Theo asked

“Because people, land, it feels home for me; maybe it’s magical.”

I kept watching their laughing faces and the love that born inside Vlad and Rebecca. Again I found myself in another scene; in some church and when I looked, Vlad and Rebecca got married and something inside me felt wrong, like I lived this before; I kept saying that what I feel is because of what I saw before.

But no, something was different, something like a flash of memory, before I feel I closed my eyes and saw it all…

It was me, I’m the two Rebecca back to 1885 and 1950 and this was him; we all were the same; but I can’t understand; before I could ask any question again another scene; this time is the Halloween party…

“Not again..” I said to myself while my eyes filled with tears.

Everyone in customs and masks; happy, drinking and dancing; I saw us, also I saw him, the same mask and same suite; those red eyes and the mask of the devil; I tried to prevent what will happen.

I couldn’t do anything and he came from behind and said:

“You can’t stop me, not before, not now and of course not in the future and I’ll make you see what happened to them to know that you can’t play with the devil…”

I can’t close my eyes; why I can’t, why I stopped in my place, I can’t move and the scene doesn’t change; I saw sharp things moves, broken mirrors and glasses; knives and things moved and everyone shred apart and cut into pieces; my eyes hurt and crying still I couldn’t close it and then I saw them…

Some swords closed them in circle and the fire set in this circle, I heard their screams, I saw Vlad trying to save Rebecca; he didn’t feel anything from the fire, also I saw Elena and Theo and Johnathan; no one of them effected from the fire and tried to save the others.

But He came and hold the swords and cut them, I couldn’t control myself more and screamed aloud, put my hands on my eyes and then I felt some hands on me; shaking me and say aloud

“Rebecca, if finished!”

“Oh my God, why are you doing this to me?” I cried at him.

“I don’t do anything…”

“Oh, really! so what’s all of this; my damn imagination or a nightmare?”

“I told you, nothing will change until you know the whole truth and why you?!”

“Is there more of this bloody nights and those massacres?”

“the most important night and why it repeated like that”

“And what night is that?”

“The Night of the Halloween; when everything happened and the story began there…”

“I can’t see more of those things; I can’t” I cried and fell down.

He knelt down and took my chain and made me look at him;

“You can, it’s not about you only, not just your friends; it’s more than that…”

“Tell me who are you?”

“You already know, but can’t admit it, Rebecca.”

“I don’t know anything…”

“You know everything.” He put his hand on my eyes, closed them and I felt his lips on mine; that kiss, those lips I know it; those tears touched his hand and he whispered: “Remember, Rebecca.”

I opened my eyes and I was in somewhere different, somewhere old, so old like 11th or 12th century; I couldn’t know yet where am I, but it was a palace with Arabian design or Egyptian!

I looked and I was inside a room, seemed like a library, a huge one; the shelves full of books and the top was designed with Arabian or Persian art and the floor was a piece of art; it was so beautiful…

I heard a voice coming from behind me and when I looked, I saw myself speaking in a different language and I realized immediately where I was; I was in Egypt and speaking Arabic!

Was it real? Am I Egyptian? or My ancestors at least? What’s going on??

It was me, Helen, and Elena; they sat on the floor and opened a small box; I looked inside and it was some playing cards; old and different design; but so beautiful…

Rebecca took the cards and each one of them chose three cards; it was like tarot reading or something; I closed my eyes and then I opened it and I was her; I got inside her or should I say I remember….

To Be Continued


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