Christmas Eve

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year… ❤

Holly Jolly Christmas; Michael Bublé

Hello everyone; How are you all? How’s the life going so far? I miss you all ❤ it’s Christmas, so why not celebrate together and have a beautiful eve?

Let’s celebrate in a different way this year, as this year was so different in many ways and been difficult too; we all need some change or let’s say some peace. I know you are missing your families gathering; or travelling and visiting new places in the holidays; or going on a date; or maybe going to a party with friends….

This year this might change because of the virus and social distance; this changes because of our safety; but hopefully the next year will be different and better; hopefully the virus will end and will back to be better and do what we love to do.

Till then, let’s enjoy and celebrate together whoever you’re and whenever you’re; let’s go together into the charismas wonderland and have a holly jolly Christmas….

Grab your Hot chocolate, yes I’m in love with hot chocolate and who’s not? 😀 but if you want coffee is always great idea; tea is a choice of relaxation; and if you’re in a mood of some wine or some champagne, okay grab your drink and let’s have a wonderful Christmas eve..

PJ. Party

It doesn’t have to be perfect to make a wonderful memories; living alone, or with family or with your soulmate or with your house mate; nothing is amazing as wearing your PJ and light the tree, bake some cookies or buy them with your favorite drink and some Christmas music to dance, but if you love to chill let’s go to the 2nd on the list…


You love Christmas movies, Oh I’m addicted to it 😀 like literally I’m addicted; I can watch them all the year 😀 so are you like me love some Christmas movies; oh babe, let’s open Netflix and chill with our favorite drink or maybe order some Pizza or bake something special to treat ourselves; or buy some chocolates and candies. 😀 ❤

Pamper yourself

My favorite night is the night when I can give myself a night of spa at home; don’t be fancy whatever you have is enough to have the perfect night you deserve 😀 ❤ simply have a bath, some DIY face and body scrub and masks and don’t forget to relax and chill and enjoy every bit of it. 😉 ❤

Christmas Baking

Oh so Yummy; so why not try it yourself; you’ll find out there a lot of recipes for the Christmas and not just baking, also some ideas for dinner with family or to treat yourself with a delicious Christmas..

Note: below the pic you’ll find the link to the recipe…

Home alone

Are you Home alone? don’t worry, I’m with you 😀 :* so what to do beside chilling, pampering yourself, baking or dance a little; okay if you’re into reading like me; there are a lot of books, short stories and novels that have the Christmas spirit you need or you can watch some PassionFlix, they have some short movies from amazing short stories to take you to another world. And not just short movies they have also movies and amazing content to cheer you up. ❤

Zoom Party

Not meeting Your friends or family doesn’t mean you can’t really meet them; we are in the world of the internet and Zoom 😀 so why not having a zoom party and some chilling with your family and friends; some games to play and some talk to have.. don’t be sad and chill with all your loved ones. ❤ ❤ ❤

Give a Gift

It’s a gift season; we all love to get gifts and give them; but as we can’t do that doesn’t mean we can’t really give a gift; you can wrap it and send it or order it online and write the address you want to send to; and you always can give yourself a gift you always wanted; don’t stop spreading happiness and joy to everyone and everywhere… ❤ 😀

The last but not the least, if you can go out in the early morning and having the percussions, walk and enjoy the winter air and if you’re in a country they decorate for the winter, lucky you, enjoy it with some photos to take and add to your memories; if not having street decoration, don’t ever be sad; enjoy the walk and buy some flowers, maybe some chocolate, coffee and enjoy every moment you live and breath safely.

Love you all, have a happy Christmas, be safe and stay safe; enjoy the moments you have and live; never stop believing and smiling; never stop enjoying the little things you’ve and always be you ❤ Love you all and wish you Merry Christmas. ❤ till the next time stay safe and smile. ❤ :* XO XO


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