Because Love has no definition

Hello everyone; How are you all? and How’s everything? Yeah, I know; I disappear and then come back out of nowhere; πŸ˜€ anyway, I missed you so much, all of you; who follows me and who passes by; because it’s valentine, so happy valentine’s day everyone; single or in a relationship, it doesn’t matter, just be happy. ❀ πŸ˜€

It’s Valentine, but do we need a day to spread love and celebrate our relationships? Do we need a day or an anniversary or a birthday or feast or whatever to celebrate life and love?! I won’t deny it’s good to have those specific days to remind us that we grow old and be beautiful; to remind us of love and family; to remind us of the beauty of friendship; to remind us that life has another beautiful side…

Those days and feasts are good and yeah we love to celebrate it, but we don’t need it to know that love is here and everywhere; we need to just see that love around us, love doesn’t have a definition, it’s like infinity, something that you can’t say exactly what is it; it’s like the beginning and the ending and the plot and twist in every story; even history tells us about love; because love was and will always be the main hero of every story…

Love has always been here, always been around us, always with us; we all need love by way or another; some search for love in their families, some search for love from a significant other. some search for it in friends; but in the end, we all search for love and seek it.

Love is the main topic in everything; in movies, in shows, daily soaps, in songs, in opera, in theater, in literature, in history, wars and fights been written in the name of love; love is always the reason; so do we need a day in every year to celebrate it? No, but we like the idea of that day we spend with people we love…

We like to give gifts as we do at Christmas, or like we celebrate our birthdays; we want that because we think we need a reason to celebrate; a reason to get us out of the problems in our lives; a reason to forget the problems and pressure; a reason to celebrate love and life…

Love has no definition, no skin color, no nationality, no language, no image, no age; nothing; but it’s everything; it’s the thing that makes us humans; that makes us kind and nice; that makes us laugh and even cry; that makes us dream and our eyes shine like stars in the sky of the night.

You might be single like me :D, but celebrating that day isn’t about significant other, it’s about love, love your family, love your friends, love your life, love yourself; just love and spread love; give love and gift it to anyone and yourself.

Give the love you want to have to yourself and everyone around you; then somehow the law of attraction tells us that we will find what we search for and we’ll have it πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ Just gift that love and celebrate it everyday, not just one day; because love is always here… ❀

Thank you all for your support and love and being here for me; thanks for who passing by and take some of their time to read my blog posts; love you all and wish each and everyone of you find their way to their dreams and love; always be happy, smile and spread love; till the next time, happy valentine’s day and smile always, sending you all hugs and kisses.. ❀ ❀ ❀ XOXO

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