Say No

Hello everyone; how are you? How’s life with you? I miss you all my beautiful people; if you already a follower welcome back and if you’re a newcomer, then welcome with us, and if you just pass by, hope you like what you see and read.

It’s been a long time since the last post I wrote here; so what’s the news? first things first I finally had my domain and officially became my website; then it’s been a while thinking about some blog posts I want to share with you…

Those past months I had some difficulties in my life that turned into very important lessons; we all live some hard times from time to time, especially that year and a half; beside Covid and other viruses, we also live our hard time, each one of us lives his/her hard and difficult time.

Today, I want to tell you about decisions we make, choices we take, experiences we live and situations we put through to test us…

We all had this situations when we wish to say no from the beginning; when we wish to change the choice we took; when we wish to change the decision we made; but can it be undone? can it change? can we say no?

Yes, we can say no; it’s normal to say no when the time comes; it’s okay to say no when you think that this chance won’t serve you; it’s okay to say no when you see bad through that chance…

It’s okay to say no to someone makes low of your value; it’s okay to say no to some job offers nothing in change of your services and offers you nothing for your hard work; it’s okay to say no to someone always complain and doesn’t like your work; it’s okay to say no to who doesn’t listen…

I lived this kind of thing for the last 5-6 months, I had that chance to work with a person I highly respect and for the first glimpse I found that this was a good chance to prove myself and make my brand in the career field I love; but day after day things became strange and unfair to me, that person asked me for things and I kept doing but never been liked; asked me to do this and that, but in the end nothing been liked from my work; that person kept lowering my value and my work; asked everyone about my work except me; kept listening to everyone else except me; I never say don’t ask others and choose what fits you, but that person didn’t just ask and choose, also didn’t know what he/she wants really.

I tried my best and things happened in-between our work, it was like signs from Allah (GOD) to me to stop, but I wasn’t sure then and tried my best to fulfil the demands, but nothing, lowing my values, my IQ, my work and everything and even my price too; not also that, also never listened to me or understood me; wanted me to do a job of a huge team alone with no good price, and finally the tone that person speak to me was the final part; I started to believe that now I should say no, my mantel health and my value worth more; I believe in myself, I can take criticism, fixable in my work, but can’t take to be treated like nothing or to low of me; or to make me believe that I can’t do what I studied and worked hard to do and dreamed about doing it.

So, I decided then to say no with respect, yeah, saying no won’t hurt you when it’s the time to say it; it’ll serve you actually and opens to you another doors, you might never seen before…

Saying No is a part of taking choices and part of life; say no to anything and anyone doesn’t serve you, your dreams and passions and low your value.

Say No when you find no worth of that thing; don’t think that you lose chances; actually you might lose chances if you said yes to that thing that doesn’t serve you; you might lose chances that could get you better and get you the half way if not the whole way to your dreams, if you though that ‘saying no’ isn’t right..

I started saying no to working on desks from 9 to 5, no to boring life, no to who lows my values and my work, no to who and what doesn’t serve me; no to everything makes me a copy from others; be yourself, believe in yourself and your abilities, believe that you can say no and also can have other chances to live the life you want.

Don’t go with the wind, sometimes going against the wind is better….

Thank you all for being here with me, encouraging me, supporting me and love you all from my heart wish to you all the best in life and till the next time smile, be happy, live the life and enjoy the little things…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ XO XO


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