The Daily Brew #19 (Post Covid)

Hello everyone; How are you all? how’s everything? welcome back to our daily brew ❤

Today I want to talk with you all about the crisis we live and the problems we try to face and get through it by many ways; today I want to share a story of life with you all.

So without any further ado let’s grab our coffee, hot or Iced or if not coffee, let it be any drink you prefer ❤ and let’s go in a short trip to a life story we all lived by way or another…

Covid! or Corona or whatever you want to call it; we face it since last year; we all saw it and experienced it by a way or another; some faced it with their loved ones, some had it themselves, some listened about it, some work hard to fight it in hospitals and clinics, and some works to find a cure for it; we all face it.

For me I faced it by having it; I had it the last April, when I felt a little easy symptoms, I Isolated myself immediately, but even that I didn’t felt hard symptoms and after couple of days I became good; I kept myself isolated for 20 days, and that feeling of being alone and can’t get out of your room or home for so long and can’t live normal was the worst feeling to be honest!

Yeah, we all stayed home last year for 6-7 months, but to be isolated because of sickness and not talking to anyone is different; I was alone, not doing anything, even can’t open my blog and write or do any of what I love; I was like getting out of my body and started realizing a lot of things; things that I tried not to care about or lied to myself that it’s okay to have them…

But it was never okay, It was a period of time that showed me what’s wrong and what I should do to end it; we all have problems, some we make by our hands, some we face by others and some we share 50/50 of the responsibilities; yeah, we share our parts of the problems we have in the life.

I had that time to start realizing what’s wrong? why my life is like that? why I can’t achieve what I want? and all the answers came to the light in that difficult time of sickness; I once heard a quote:

In Every bad there’s a Good

I always believed in that, but never actually faced it; now I can say that’s true, not just few words to make you relief, no, it’s true in every bad there will always be good; like when we always hear about after every sadness there’s a happiness, after every night there’s a day; after every war there’s peace.

Yes, I learnt it the hard way, I faced the sickness and still face somethings afterward; but I became sure that one day everything will come true and all what I want will be achieved.

It’s frustrating and difficult to feel that you’ve to face a lot in your life and even more than a lot to achieve your dreams, but think of it that way, without pain no gain; it’s the ultimate truth, we can’t take it by the easy way; I can’t say that you’ll live the happily ever after because there’s no happily ever after; there’s life and it’s full of surprises, without those surprises good or bad it won’t be life, it’ll be boring as a movie you can’t keep watching or a book you can’t turn the 1st page or a song that’s so awful to listen…

Life is strange, crazy and surprising; so why not living it and feeling it and each moment give it its rights; I lived the sickness and many of you did by a way or another and know that without sickness we wouldn’t know how much life is so precious…

Live the life and never give up, giving up means one thing ‘death’, don’t do that to yourself, you deserve your dreams to become true and to you to live the life to the fullest…

Thank you all for having some of your time to read this and love you all; till the next time be happy, smile always and never give up ever… ❤ ❤ XO XO


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