The skincare myths and facts

Hello everyone; how are you? how’s the life so far? I missed you all and I’m working on being consistent as much as I can, but what to do; at the end of the day I’m human 😀 aren’t we all? 😀 we all fall and get up again and again. ❤

So, let me take you in a different trip tonight/today; I’ve a lot with my skin and who’s not? we all have our journey with our skins and we faces a lot of changes everyday from weather, aging and other conditions we face and it’s different from one to other and from skin type to another…

Without any further ado let me take you to a date and talk about skincare and the facts and myths we face everyday in it over a cup of coffee or some iced cold coffee or maybe a tea if you love tea more; any drink you prefer let’s grab it and get going.

For your information; I’m not a dermatologist or a doctor or anything of that; but just a simple person who read a lot and faced a lot with my skin and all what I’m writing for you will be with references and you can check with your doctors about it and if it’s right or wrong and what suits you and your skin.

Natural products are safe for every skin:

This is a myth and huge one actually; so natural products are good, and I use it from time to time; but as every product it depends on your skin type; what are you allergic to? you might be allergic to something as coconut, and you buy a cream or lotion has coconut and it’ll effect you…

Mainly all the products the claim they are natural, yeah, they use most of the materials natural, but someway or another it has to have something not natural, means it can’t be completely natural..

Don’t just buy anything because it has a natural phrase on it, buy it wisely and ask your doctor about it; also test it before using it, to know how it effects your skin!

SPF in makeups is enough:

No, No, No, huge NOOOO, why? because no matter how much your makeup has a SPF, it’ won’t be enough to protect you from the sun.

SPF is very important and you should not skip it…

Washing your face as much as you want won’t hurt….!

And it’s a myth, the fact is that washing your face a lot can cause you dryness; it will wash away all the natural essential oils your skin has and it’ll be easy to damage.

You can wash it two, three times daily and that’s enough.

Use Toothpaste to get rid of Pimples!

Another myth we read a lot on the internet and see it so much in the YouTube; toothpaste isn’t for your skin, it’s meant to be for your teeth only…

I never believed it this one since day one; it can cause bleeding, busting, irritation and burning sensations.

If the pimples irritate you, check with your doctor or let it heal alone…

Ice cubes are good for your skin:

I love this one, but it’s critic, and it’s between being a myth and a fact, so let me be specific in this one…

Ice cubes should not be used directly on your skin; why? because it can cause inflammation; it could even lead to damage in your skin tissues.

I once watched a dermatologist talk in video about this; and he said he doesn’t prefer using ice cubes or ice rollers on skin because it damages your skin…

Isn’t it shrink our pores? it’s a myth and nothing you apply on your skin shrink the pores, it maybe cool down the irritation you feel, that what I feel when I’ve acne or feel irritation; but I don’t use it daily or frequently.

I was using it maybe twice a month and after knowing it doesn’t effect good on skin, I stopped it. If you feel irritated by acne or pimples on your face, ask your doctor what to do to cool it down or use ice cubes inside a cloth or inside warm water bag.

And remember to not use ice on your face for more than 1-2 minutes as any more time can cause damage to your skin.

If I don’t wash my face it’ll cause acne!!!!

No, it’s a myth; hygiene doesn’t play a role in having acne; actually acne can be caused by bacteria, oil products, clogged pores and inflammation; sometimes diet for some people, as me; also stress and hormones can be the main role in causing acne.

Tan protects skin from the sun:

It’s a myth and huge one; the tan is just a change of the skin color for some time and doesn’t have UV protection inside it…

Nothing says and prove that darker skins have UV protection inside…. SO again don’t think of not using your SPF, it’s very important.

Eye Cream isn’t important?!

Is this a trick question? No, it’s a myth; eye creams can be very effective if it has the right ingredients inside it…

it depends on why do you need an eye cream for? Do you have a dark circles or puffiness or fine lines or wrinkles or all; eye cream is important for all of us; especially we all now put a lot of makeup or sleep late or work for late in front of the laptops and smart phones and another situation that can effect our eyes..

So eye creams are important and it does a lot for your skin benefits…

No need for SPF in Winter or Fall!

Again another myth about the SPF; I don’t know why people find it difficult to use it frequently; and have it as a daily habit!

Many think that SPF is only for the Summer, but this isn’t true, the fact is that SPF is important in every season; UV rays are always there in any season not just the Summer…

UV rays can cause wrinkles, fine lines and skin hyperpigmentation; so what to say to prove that SPF is very very important and it should be in your daily skin routine.

Hot water opens up your pores..

A myth; the fact is that the pores isn’t a temperature sensitive; and hot water can effect badly your skin and damage it through the time; while washing your face use the lukewarm temperature water…

In the end of our talk for today; as I said earlier you can read more about skincare and ask your doctors and make sure form what I wrote here; if you have another info you can share it with me and everyone here and lighten us with it..

Thank you all for your time to read this and be with me; thanks for your love and for encouraging me to keep going; love you all and don’t forget to smile and be happy always even while facing your problems…

Love you all and till the next time, stay safe and be happy. ❤ ❤ XO XO



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