Marvel World

Hello everyone; How are you all? How’s everything? How are you doing through covid and the life struggles you face everyday?

I missed all of you so much ❤ and tonight I’ve something different and so good to forget our problems and struggles for a while; let’s grab our coffee or any drink you prefer and go into a journey to Marvel world; let’s have an amazing trip to the favorite in the comic world and in the cinema world too…

I love both Marvel and DC; I’m actually a big fan, if I can I’ll buy all the comics in the both companies; to tell you something; my favorites in both are Batman, Ironman, and Wolverine… 😀 actually there are also Professor X and Magneto 😀 yeah, I know if I kept going I might say that all of them are my favorites 😀

So let’s grab our drinks and go together into the journey to the Marvel world…

I’m drinking Iced coffee if you want to have some 😀 anyway without a further ado let’s go ❤

So, here we are, to one of my favorite conversations to have with people, what is it? definitely movies and entertainment industry; I love Marvel so much and watched all avengers movies and X-Men movies; I think I watched all super heroes of the comics world; but I didn’t read the comics, I remember I have an old version of two or three books for Spider man and Batman and Superman; anyway, there are a lot of characters out there, that can turn into movies and shows…

But there are two movies series that became the favorites through the years; Avengers movies and X-Men; tonight I’ll talk about them after watching them for 5-6 times 😀 yeah, when I love some movie or a show I re-watch it a lot 😀 ❤

Maybe you’re like me, or watched them one time or maybe you didn’t at all, or you’re from the high level you bought all the comics and watched all the movies; or you’re some simple one who watch what you like; either ways and anyone you are, simply we all love movies and shows, that might be a common between the whole world.

We all know that out there in that huge Internet, you will find a lot of people talked about Avengers and the infinity stones and made a list to order how to watch the avengers and to understand it.. Yeah, I’ll kindly do the same with my personal opinion about every movie, also I’ll do the same with X-Men movies..

let’s Begin

Avengers world;

“I’m Groot” 😀 yes, we are all Groot 😀 I love Groot so much, that I wish I have a one like him ❤ Avengers, if you didn’t watch it, you miss a lot babe, really missing a lot; if you watched it or watched some of it, or want to re-watch; then I’m here to share time with you ❤ and tell my simple opinion about the movies and the order to watch it…

The order you can find in many other blogs and websites and magazines; I won’t make any differences; because that order is the best and will make you understand all the characters, what are the infinity stones and to know the wars that happened through the movies with twists and plots.

Here’s the chronological viewing order:

  • Captain America: The First Avenger (takes place during WWII)
  • Captain Marvel (takes place in 1995)
  • Iron Man (takes place in 2010)
  • Iron Man 2 (takes place after Iron Man)
  • The Incredible Hulk (time unspecified, pre-Avengers)
  • Thor (takes place six months before Avengers)
  • The Avengers (takes place in 2012)
  • Iron Man 3 (takes place six months after The Avengers)
  • Thor: Dark World (post-Avengers, pre-Ultron)
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier (post-Avengers, pre-Ultron)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (sometime in 2014)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (after Guardians)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (takes place in 2015)
  • Ant-Man (takes place in 2015)
  • Captain America: Civil War (post-Ultron, pre-Infinity War)
  • Black Widow (takes place right after Civil War)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (post-Civil War, pre-Infinity War)
  • Doctor Strange (takes place in 2016)
  • Black Panther (takes place in 2017)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (post-Ultron, pre-Infinity War)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (takes place in 2017)
  • Ant-Man and The Wasp (ambiguous, but fits nicely between IW and Endgame)
  • Avengers: Endgame (starts in 2017, finishes in 2022)
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (eight months post-Endgame)

What about the Shows that newly added to the list; already added the Black widow into the movies list and will add now the shows list in it’s chronological order;

  • WandaVision (three weeks after Endgame)
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (around six months after Endgame)
  • Loki (technically post-The Avengers in 2012, but best watched after Endgame)

Thanks to website, this when I re-watched the movies and to know how to watch the shows in order I first searched and found it there; you can check them if you want..

And now let’s talk a little; don’t worry I won’t burn the movies for you; I just wanted to write what I think in each of the movies; I didn’t watch the shows yet, so I’ll leave it to the next time.. I love the movies so much, I love the technology in it and how it showed us the younger versions of the elder actors like Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kurt Russel and so on; also I loved the graphics and sound mixing and all the tech stuff, also I can’t agree more that each of the main actors are the best in their roles..

Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark aka IronMan; Captain America aka Chris Evans, Black widow ❤ aka Scarlet Johansson, Chris Harmsworth aka Thor, Mark Ruffalo aka the stronger Avenger the Hulk 😀 Tom Hiddleston aka Loki ❤ Paul Rudd aka Antman and if I kept going I won’t finish and I love all of them, they were amazing in their characters; they fit in like they are really those characters. ❤

I’ll Begin with black widow, I didn’t much liked it, it wasn’t bad, but not the same level of the other movies, I wish that they didn’t put it on the cinemas this year, I wished if they could postpone it, but I can’t say that I understand how the production and all the work moves; so yeah I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5; again this totally my personal point of view; I loved the cast, but I felt that the movie is off, like it effected by the covid so I felt that’s not the movie they should come up with… I don’t know why but I felt it like cut-paste, like there are some deleted scenes in it and it wasn’t right…

Again thanks for them to try to entertain us and work through that tough time and give us something to enjoy our time a little…

For me, my fav. will be Ironman, all the 3 parts, because I’m a fan of Batman, and I don’t believe in lab test and super powers and so on, I love them but don’t believe in them, I believe that all can be Ironman and Batman, they are normal humans with money and smartness; some people can be those super heroes; I love Dr. Strange specially in graphics and sound mixing..

Black Panther, is amazing, because yeah, not all super heroes are just in the USA, there are some in the whole world and I loved that story of the amazing powerful Africa; it’s not far to believe that they can be that powerful and strong; I’m not a politician or speak of politics; all I’m saying that everyone can be a super hero, smart and strong and kind heart.. ❤

AntMan, the best father ever 😀 yes, really I love the relation of that normal human being that suddenly found himself became a hero; that relation between father and daughter is just amazing. ❤

Captain America, man with morals and the best friend and faithful lover; yeah, also handsome, they are all handsome and so good 😀 I loved Chris in this movie even better than his role in Fantastic Four; I even sometimes forget that Chris isn’t really Captain America 😀

Thor and Loki, Tom and Jerry 😀 they are the best when fighting and the made me laugh every time I watch them; Chris and Tom are fantastic in those roles ❤ Scarlet, the powerful girl in the gang, I love her so much, and to be the bad ass girl, yeah, sure my fav. ❤

Let’s now go to the next station and this will be;

X-Men World;

X-Men might be different and difficult to order to watch; I love X-Men movies, I watched them all; and after searching a lot for an order to them, I decided to be creative a little and do my order to them, not the same you’ll find while searching…

before I’ll put the order of the movies, I’ll talk about my opinions in all of them; let’s begin with the normal date of the movies;

X-men in 2000, I love it, that was the first movie I watched and actually I watched all by the years they released the movies, some I watched in the Cinema and some I watched on TV; anyway, X-Men is the first movie and I’ll give it 4 out 5, the movie will intro you to the main characters and their powers, X 2 will complete where the 1st one stopped at and I’ll give it 4 out of 5; the X-Men the last stand, it’ll be in my point of view 3.5 out of 5; why? I’ll speak of that when I write the order of the movies..

The First class, is amazing and I loved the cast, felt it right that James and Michael acted the roles of Chares Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr or aka Professor X and Magneto and the relation between them and how it all began; also I loved Jennifer in her role as Raven aka Mystique.

Also we will see Hank and how he knew Charles and will see Jean Gray and how her story began with Scott and her powers as Dark Phoenix; my fav. are two parts, the first class and the days of future and past; I’ll give them 5 out of 5 and Apocalypse 4.5 out of 5, because I think that they could do better in that one, but yeah again I don’t know how the work goes on so I’ll leave it to the expertise… 😀

Wolverine parts, as my fav. character, I’ll say that the Wolverine needs more than three parts 😀 yeah, I’m being funny here, but I love him and Charles and Erik, yeah, Erik, I know he’s sometimes bad and Magneto, but don’t forget that he faced a lot in his life; I don’t want to burn the movies to who didn’t watch it; so I’ll stop talking and go to the order of the movies in my point of view; totally my personal opinion 😀

To watch X-Men, isn’t easy, and can’t order them like Avengers not with that simple timeline; also you’ll find some orders with the releasing dates and with the dates in the movies like first class is talking about the first mutants the world knew them in 1962; the dates inside the movies..

But for me, nether this nor that; I’ll order them from my opinion and will give you reasons why I made that order;

  • X-Men First Class ( the reason why I began with this one is because it’ll intro you to who is Charles and who Is Erik and how their relation began, also the relation between Raven and Charles and Erik)
  • X-Men origins Wolverine; yeah I jumped up to this because it talks about the story of Wolverine aka Logan and how his life was before becoming X-Men member. (tip: in this one you’ll be introduced to Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds 😀 but Ryan made a different version for deadpool, so just don’t analyze his part in this movie :D)
  • X-Men (and here we will see the fight between Professor X and Magneto and Wolverine joining the gang)
  • X2; this is part 2 released in 2003 we will complete from what X part 1 stopped there also we’ll see Stricker or the man who made Wolverine and the fight between Mutants and Stricker.
  • X-Men the last stand; I’ll stop here for a moment, in this movie we kind watch the dark Phoenix aka Jean Gray, in this part Jean Killed Scott and Charles; I’m not burning the movie, but I have to say that this part had some mistakes, one of them is killing Charles aka professor X; I’ll give you a tip don’t stop on this mistake, just pretend it’s not in the movie.
  • The Wolverine released in 2013, this part you’ll see how Logan went his way to forget what happened with Jean…
  • X-Men days of future past; here is the fixer of all what happened and undo what had done before; because here we’ll see Logan travel the time to the past with the help from Charles and Erik to undo the mistakes that happened because of Raven aka Mystique…
  • X-Men Apocalypse; here we will see after the days of future past and changing the past, we will watch what will happened next and intro to new old characters 😀 Jean Gray and Scott.
  • Dark Phoenix; in this movie we will see Jean’s hidden powers and how’ll both Charles and Erik will handle this; also this part will make you forget the last stand part; because it all changed when Logan changed the past…
  • Logan, this part is heart breaking and good one
  • Deadpool parts 1 and 2 for me they are the fun part when you can watch a super hero that makes you laugh 😀
  • The New Mutants; is a show that will show you a five new mutants will discover their abilities in a secret facility; I didn’t watch it yet; but I’ll talk about with with the Avengers shows after watching them all 😀 ❤

I know I talk a lot and took a lot of your time in this one, but I told you this is my fav. conversation; I hope you like it and watch the movies; till the next time stay safe, happy and always smile; never give up and thanks for being here supporting me or passing by reading this; thanks for your time and see you next time; XO XO ❤ ❤ Love you all ❤ “I’m Groot” 😀 😀 😉


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