The Daily Brew #21

Hello everyone, I miss you all; how are you? How’s life?

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote to you; it’s been a hard time for me and things have been a mess and that’s life, isn’t it a huge mess we live in?

So another month finished from 2021, happy Halloween by the way; I remember reading this quote for Tim Burton;

“Every Day is Halloween, isn’t it? for some of us…”

Tim Burton

So we are in November now, sweet November; hope it’ll be sweet for all of us; 2021 soon to finish, and another year to begin; a new year and new resolutions or even the same resolutions or maybe some of it…

We all have our ups and downs; I said these hundreds of times; still saying it; yes, life is all about the ups and downs we live every day, every moment, every chapter of our lives is telling a story of twist and plot. every time the problems we face, the downs that make us fall apart, and the ups that make us happy and on the top of the world.

Those times when you feel weak, feel vulnerable, feel desperate, and in need of help or a hug or someone to tell you that you’re doing good and everything will be okay.

Yeah, everything will be okay; at the end, it’ll be okay; no sad phase stays forever and no happy phase stays forever; that’s life, nothing is permanent; every phase we live is a chapter of the story and a new clean white page we write in…

This what I write here is something like thoughts, like unorganized thoughts, like a random talk over coffee or tea between friends and family; it’s like that talk about what is heavy inside your heart!

You wake up each morning and say; “today will be good, today I’ll do this and that!” and something goes wrong or not as you planned in your to-do list; to tell you that fact of me, I get angry and frustrated and even sometimes the desperate mood turns on; but will that change anything?

No, it’ll make you angrier, more frustrated, more depressed, and so on. It won’t change a thing, it’ll make it worse; and I keep saying this to myself before saying it to you and advice it to myself first; but I’m human and we all are; we all are humans, all the feeling we have, the emotions we experience in a daily basis, all the anger, the frustration, the pressure to achieve our dreams and goals and to feel that we are doing something; it all makes us feel crazy and it’s like running a marathon.

We don’t even see the smallest things we achieve on a daily basis; we don’t feel the joy of those small things; it might be a tiny thing, but still an achievement…

We keep running and losing a lot of things trying to be first in everything; to achieve this and that; yes run after your dreams and your goals and your resolutions every year; but it’s okay to pause sometimes and enjoy the little things like being with loved one, family, friends, or enjoy a movie or binging some show, or go out for a dinner in your favorite restaurant, or enjoy the joy of holidays and festivals; I’m saying this to myself before saying it to you because I know the feeling of falling apart, being depressed and frustrated almost all of the time.

I know that feeling of fighting alone and no one feels anything or understands it; I know very well the feeling of failing many times; but again I’ll say the cliche, without failure you won’t learn to succeed; it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to pause and stop for a while, it’s okay to be sad and cry out your pain, it’s okay to have scares, to not run in the marathon, it’s okay to be valuable sometimes, and it’s okay to fall because without all of that you won’t be strong, you won’t learn to fight right, you won’t succeed.

What’s not okay is to give up because the world tells you that you can’t; no one has the right to tell you that you can’t because you can and you will, simply it’ll take some time; it’ll be a long journey full of ups and downs, full of pain and sorrows, full of joy and happiness, and full of your stories to tell one day…

Never give up and remember that you always learn and you’ll achieve the dreams you have.

Thank you all for being here, for supporting me, if you’re following me thanks for your loyalty and you’re passing by reading this, thank you for your time, till the next time, love you all; be safe and remember to enjoy the journey…

XO XO XO ❤ ❤ ❤

Note; the photo is my work, shooting it, and the design too.


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