Ho Ho Ho it’s Christmas night

Hello everyone, it’s the Christmas night, how are you all??

Miss you all ❤ how’s everything? How’s you December so far?

I know I don’t write consistently and it’s been a strange year for me, and I think a strange year for all of us; a year full of ups and downs, a year like a wheel keep spinning hard…

But today, I’m here with you to enjoy the night, a night of joy and cheer, a night of love and giving, a night of gratitude and forgiveness. The Christmas night. 🌙

Let’s grab our hot chocolate and some popcorn to enjoy the night, alone or with the loved ones, family or friends Let’s have the night with top classic Christmas movies of all time…

Home alone

It never gets old, always the best movie for Christmas and always will make you laugh hard.

Home alone my favorite for Christmas night chill with Family, friends, loved ones or alone with pizza extra cheese, ice cream, Christmas tree and loud laugh 😃

Home alone 2

You want more! Let’s gave a trip to New York with home alone 2 and enjoy more laughs 😃

Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3

How about becoming Santa clause himself, but first you need to read the clause very well and then you are ready to go to the north pole to meet the elves and spread the joy if Christmas…

Die Hard

Yes, not the ordinary Christmas you with for, if you love some action let’s have one of the famous classics die hard.

Let’s relive the best action movie ever in the whole time. ❤

Harry potter movies

Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter and the wizard world, let’s re watch the best movies series about magic, love, friendship and courage.

Let’s Bing the movies series before watching the reunion of Harry Potter and his friends in the new year’s eve…❤❤


You’re tall, good news you can still be an elf and help 🎅 Santa.

A movie that made to be a classic in the Christmas, made with love and brought to you to have a fun night and laughter of joyful Christmas…🎄

Disney’s once and twice upon time Christmas

2 movies in one night, you love disney and who doesn’t? We all love it and enjoy their movies.

Tonight let’s celebrate the Christmas with Mickey, Mini, Donald, and the whole family in those two movies that filled with joy, gratitude and live. ❤🎅🎄

Thank you all for being here with me, for following me or reading or just passing by, thank you for encouraging me and being with me.

Thank you for your time and love you all. Till the next time, enjoy, smile, be happy and be Safe. Till the next time have a merry holly jolly Christmas 🎄🎅

Love you all, ❤❤❤


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