Hello everyone, how are you all? how’s 2022 going so far with you? Welcome back to your daily coffee brew, let’s have some fun with a cup of coffee in the central berk coffee in New York.

Hello Friends; let’s grab our coffee and enjoy the time together; let’s have that fun time laughing while life hits us hard and pandemics all over the world; let’s enjoy our friendship, let’s enjoy being together, let’s enjoy those tiny little things in life like coffee, tea, friendship, love, family and even a job you might not love it but it gives you money for your bills; let’s go on a trip through time back to one of the best shows aired on the TV. back to when everything was simple and whatever you face in life “I’ll be there for you”.

It’s 1994; six actors were beginning their career, stepping out to the world to make their dreams come true; six people became family, became famous, became friends…

In the 1st episode when you meet Ross the brother, the friend, the one who loves Dinosaurs 😀 Joey, the handsome not so smart but an amazing friend who believes that he’s an actor, and yeah he knows how to get to know the women he likes 😀 Chandler, the supporter, the funny and awkward with women.

Rachel, the spoiled rich girl, the girl everyone wanted in high school, but a wonderful friend, Monica, the girl who lost weight and so control freak in a funny way 😀 Phoebe, the funny, the wired, and that girl that loves her version.

Six friends who lived with us, or actually we lived with them and still living with them…

You and I might be one of them, their stories, their lives might be your friend, one of your family, your neighbor or your significant other or you; each one of them is one of us or the friends we are looking for in this harsh life.

I remember the 1st time I watched them on TV I was like 6 or 7 years old because When they aired the 1st episode I was only 2 years old; I didn’t watch all the seasons then and after many years, back to 2020, I finally watched all the 10 seasons: laughing with them, crying, falling in love and having friends I always wished to have in the reality.

To be honest they gave me a second home I can run to when everything in this life became difficult and unfair and so hard to handle and overwhelming.

The show gives you that hope that everything will be okay at the end and with a hug of a friend all the difficulties we face each day nothing in front of us.

No one ever says life is easy, we all some way or another been there like them, working jobs we don’t love, no money in our pockets, our bills like a mountain, life is hard, failed relationships, divorce, and so many hard things we face every day in our lives, but “I’ll be there for you.” what makes everything looks so small and gives us the hope of better tomorrow and laughing at the end of the day on a joke.

I never say life is easy, life is hard, but with friends you can handle it, fight for your dreams, have hope, and smile, because yeah “I’ll be there for you”, hugging you and telling you a joke you might find it awful but you’ll laugh.

We grow together from failure to success, from lonely to always together, from failed marriage and dating to love and supporting each other, from being awkward to being awesome. a milestones we make it together.

You have money or not, we can always share a cup of coffee or share food if you’re not Joey 😀 you have money or not, we support each other in a hard time, we might not be friends since school or college, but we are friends, real ones.

You might run away from your fancy wedding and work as a waiter, there will be always supported and love and encouragement.

You might be overweight, but you’re beautiful, always be there for you if you decided to lose weight or stay as you’re.

You might be so controlling freak and love everything to be so well organized and in its place, it’s hard but we all have some weird habits and characteristics.

You might be a man, but it’s okay to not love football or to love a daily show or something and cry; you might be a scientist or have an addiction to dinosaurs and be awesome.

You might try all auditions and fail every time but You still can try again, because you’re an artist.

You might be wired and sing awful songs, but you’re yourself, the one and only.

We all fall, have hard times, make mistakes and yeah, this is life baby, we fight, we kiss, we are good again; we are friends who are so different, but we complete each other, we are here for each other.

Thanks to the makers of the show, thanks for the actors who made us laugh, fall in love and have hope; thanks to the idea of Friends, thanks for the amazing song that will be suitable for everyone around the world.

Thanks for the stories, the jokes, the fun journey for 10 years, from 1994 when everything was simple to 2004, the world of development of technology; thanks for giving us a second home, lessons to learn from, and hope.

Thanks for the way you showed us it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to fail, to work everything or not to work until you find what you love; it’s okay to have divorced or be overweight or lose weight or have weird songs and thoughts.

It’s okay to be awkward, to fall, and then get up again because this is life, it goes on and we grow up to learn to live that life, to make our dreams come true, and to fight for our friendship and relationship.

If you didn’t watch it, you should, an amazing show with a lot of fun, laughs and friends; with hope and love. ❤ let’s celebrate friendship, love, and that show being there for all of us. ❤

Thank you all for being here and supporting me, thanks for following me, thanks for passing by, and thanks for reading this, and have a little bit of your time.

Love you all; till the next time, remember to smile and be yourself, never give up, and always believe that everything will be good in the end… ❤ ❤

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