The memories of the time

Hello, my lovely people, how are you? how’s life? let’s have some coffee and go on a trip to another time and another year. A time-traveling journey; grab your drink and let’s go together…

If there’s a time machine, and you have a chance to travel the time, one chance to change something or relive it; what time will you choose? I always ask myself that, what time and why? and it always the same answer, I want to back to my childhood…

That time when I’ve no responsibilities and no worries, just a cute baby that everyone loves, who doesn’t love babies?! that time when I wasn’t making mistakes, if I did something everyone will say she’s just a baby, doesn’t understand.

Smiling was like your daily routine, everything was simple, and even when I grew a little, that time when no smartphones, no texting and chatting, just meeting with people, play with kids, have fun and laugh.

Maybe this is a clishe answer, you might think that; but for me, it was the most amazing time and full of memories and photos, real photos that you put inside an album to always cherish those moments and those memories.

I remember I watched an Indian movie and there was a quote I still remember and love it so much, it says:

Memories are like a box of chocolate, once you open it, you can’t get enough of it.

So, still clishe, maybe clishe is good too; we all want to be back to this time and wish that life could be easier like before.

But let’s be hounst we can wish to be back to whenever time we choose and imagine that it will be great if can change or relive a moment or some moments of our lives, still, do we really want that? or we can live our present and learn from the past and work hard for making our dreams come true…

Thank you all for taking time to read this messy thoughts and be with me here, thanks for being here following me or passing by; till the next time love you all, be happy, stay safe and smile and never give up.. ❤ ❤ XO XO


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