Meet the Devil

Hello everyone, how are you? So today’s a kind of challenging prompt, interviewing a fictional character!

Hmm, interesting; Let’s grab our coffee or any drink you prefer and go on a trip to meet the devil…


I always imagin myself meeting the characters I’m so interested in and I’m interested in so many characters, good ones and bad too..

This is the character that you can experience hate and love with, someone you respect their mind, but feel afraid from what they are capable of doing.

Somewhere in Italy;

He’s sitting there, in the hotel lobby, drinking coffee and reading the latest news… wearing a black suit, so elegant snd mysterious.

This personality that gives you a chill through your body, goosebumps and think how you can interview the mix of intelligence and craziness.

He put down the mobile phone, looks at me;


I still can’t move and try to control myself and do it.

“You’ll stay standing?”

“No,” I finally said. ” Thanks for meeting me…”

“Technically I didn’t allow the interview, but you found me and I like smart people. “

” Still thanks for allowing me now…”

I took a deep breath and sat in the couch in front of him, between us the coffee table.

“I ordered another coffee for you, with creamer and no sugar; you don’t mind, do you?”

I’m looking at him, handling me the coffee and setting beside me; he’s handsome, those tense eyes, evil and handsome; a dangerous combination and very interesting.

I know what you allight think, who can be interested in evil, but what if it’s not pure evil?

“You’re thinking to much!” He said

“A habit I can’t control. “

“you’ve to. “

“Why, did you do it? Control your bad habits. “

“Smart..” he didn’t answer me, and after few seconds of silence he said; ” let’s see what you have…”

I didn’t open my notebook where I wrote my questions, but instead I decided to be spontaneous with the devil himself ‘Hannibal Lecter.’

“Let’s begin;” I took a sip of my coffee “you said once, our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real; what scars is your past about that made a human turns to a cannibal?”

“OH, I knew you are smart and on the point with no intro or editing the questions, being spontaneous is hard…” he stopped for a second, moved his back to relax on the couch.

Then; “you remind me of her,”

“Clarice, you mean?”

“Yes, brave. About my scars, past is what makes us, your past is like a lesson you either choose to learn or ignore; it’s like the vegetables you eat to build your immunity, the water you drink to be hydrated, but it’s not sweet, not desirable, not tasty; it’s painful, souring and full of blood at least for some of us…”

“So, you’re trying to say, that everyone has a painful past should be a killer, a criminal? Or it’s what you say to yourself to relax and sleep in the night?”

He got closer; ” hard; no, I don’t say that, you choose how you want to go be good or bad, let me ask you what’s good and bad in your definition?”

“It’s a trick question Dr. Hannibal, because I’ll say good is to do good, be good and help people, but killing them, stealing, be a reason for wars is bad; and then you’ll answer me that good and bad is not a rule, it’s a point of view it can be different from one another…”

“Huh,” he smiled ” why are you here?”

He’s doing it, turn the table on me and instead of me questioning him, he’s questioning me.!

“Tell me Dr. Lecter, why am I here?”

“For the interview, for me”

“So, that wasn’t a question Dr. You want to hear something else…” he looked at me, no blink, just his eyes on mine.” I’m here to know you, your past, your desires, your fears and your weaknesses. And oh you’re like all of us Dr. Have fears and weaknesses.,”

“Yes, I’ve; the death of loved ones, the lost of someone you love is the scar you can’t remove by surgery or by forgetting. Yes, I might be a cannibal as you all called me, but what about the hidden masks you’ve, the hidden desires that turns into a nightmare dangerous to everyone..”

“Tell me Dr. What about love?”

” Oh, dear, we all fall in love sometime in our lives, we all seek love and forgiveness.”

“Do you seek forgiveness?”



“Because I don’t find myself guilty, it’s the ultimate truth for a person to die, but why wasting he or she if you can have benefits of their dead bodies..”

“Isn’t that cruel and disgusting? And did you put yourself to be God and say who’s good to live and who isn’t?

“I’m no God, my dear naive girl; I’m just the devil you meet everyday and every moment you live with him.”

“Tell me about your weaknesses?”

“Beautiful, smart, and naive, a hard mix to find now; my weaknesses are human the good flesh…” he laughs, like he’s speaking about a trophy of his work.

“You eat your trophies, no evidence, you wanted to eat her? Clarice ?

“Yes and no”

“Tell me more.”

“Yes, because she was interesting and no because I loved her more than my desire.”

“That’s a prove of love!” You have heart Dr.

“If I don’t have it I wouldn’t let you sat here.”

“No one knew the real Hannibal Lecter, why?”

“Don’t let anyone knows you very well or they will destroy you into a million pieces and leave you in a horrible pain.”

“How you choose your victims?”

“You call them victims and I call the meals; they are no use in the world, they are useful after death!”

“OH my, who said they’re not good while alive, they’re good for their friends loved ones, families..?

“Are they?”

“Yes, for sure…”

“Hmm, a point.”

I don’t know how I look in his eyes and drink that coffee after what he said, no guilt at all, he’s convinced 100% that’s he’s right and no bad on what’s he doing…

I can’t even ask more while I know that’s he’s a genius and crazy and easily reads you…


Thank you all for being here and have time to read this remember this is just an imagination story, nothing but something fun writing and be creative about. Hope you all like it. Till the next time, stay safe, be positive and smile and never give up.. ❤😘


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