The 94th Academy Awards

Hello everyone; how are you all? Tonight I’ll spend the night or day or afternoon with you all from all over the world, playing and predicting what movies will win the Oscars.

Without any further ado, let’s grab our coffee or any drink you prefer and join me for some fun…

Best Actor:

So, it’s always hard to choose or predict the Oscars, but I think Will Smith was amazing in King Richard, and Andrew Garfield in Tick Tick Boom.

Of course all of them were amazing and brilliant in their rules, but we all know one has to win; tell me who you think will win?

Best Actor in Supporting role:

KODI SMIT-MCPHEE in The Power of the Dog or Troy Kotsur in CODA, and I prefer Troy, but still Kodi acted very well even so I don’t like the movie so much.

Best Actress:

This is another difficult in my point of view, they all acted amazingly and I can’t decide, still the most I love are; Nicole Kidman as Lucy, and Jessica Chastain as Tammy

If it’s for me I will give it to all of them, I liked how Kristen improved herself in acting and resembled Diana.

Best Actress in Supporting role:

Kristen Dunst in the Power of the dog or Ariana Debose in The west side story

Best Animated Film:

Luca or Encanto.

The other movies are so good too, but I don’t know, do you? 😀

Best Cinematography:

This one is tricky, I think it might be Dune or Tragedy of Macbeth.

Best Costume Design:

Oh, I loved Cruella and think it have a good chance to win, or Dune, they kicked it too.


The power of the dog has a good chance, or West side story because Steven made it different from the old one, but I’ll but another one that I think deserves to win and it’s Belfast.

Film Editing:

DON’T LOOK UP Hank Corwin or

DUNE Joe Walker or

KING RICHARD Pamela Martin

Makeup and Hairstyle:

Cruella, again in my opinion it deserves, or Eyes of Tammy Faye, they took 7 hours to do just Jessica’s makeup and hair, wow 😀 and when I saw it I loved it.

Best Music original score:

I’m not sure why I chose those but here it’s Don’t look up or Parallel Mothers; what do you think?

Best Song:

Somehow you do from the four Good days or Be Alive from King Richard. Also No time to die has a good chance, it’s a very good song…

Best Production design:

Nightmare Ally or The Tragedy of Macbeth

Best Sound:

West Side Story or No Time To Die

Visual Effects:

Spiderman – No way home or Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings or Free guy; I think those three are the best.

Best writing (Adapted):

Coda or the power of the dog and maybe the lost daughter.

Best Original writing:

Belfast or King Richard or Don’t look up, and maybe Don’t look up will win this, but let’s see.

Best Picture goes to:

For me, this is another difficult one, and I can’t decide, but CODA and The power of the Dog and Don’t look up have the highest chances to win.


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