“Death on the Nile” in depth

Hello everyone; how are you? How’s life? I’m back here with one of my favorite novels for my favorite author; back to take you with me on a voyage to one of the best crime novels…

Let’s grab our coffee and let me take you back to the old Egypt in 1937; set on one of the most beautiful ships on the Nile “Karnak’ and while telling you the story drink your coffee with cake or biscuits or maybe a macron or you can choose from finest wine and food served on the ship or a cup of tea or herbals; yes, we are famous by our tea, Turkish Coffee and herbals.

Without any further ado let me take you on a voyage on the Nile;

Back in 1937, a novel was published by name “Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie; one of the best authors and best crime author ever, in my opinion; a novel set in Egypt, between Luxor and Aswan; Abu Simbel and Wadi Helfa; a novel not just told a story about a crime, also a story described the beauty of Egypt.

First, I want to talk about Egypt in many movies, old movies mostly the productions that took place in Egypt to shoot; a movie like English Patient, besides showing the beauty of the Mina House Hotel, but not every Egyptian man or women just wear traditional clothes, men and women were wearing dresses, suits, pants, skirts and normal clothes; also a movie like X-Men Apocalypse showed Egypt uncivlised and full of dirty markets and dessert, and this isn’t true.

Egypt isn’t a dessert, it’s a huge country full of everything and all, dessert, cities, modern and ancient, a blend between old and new, between the traditional and modern; Egypt has the finest hotels, restaurants, beside the pyramids and old temples.

Most of the movies showed Egypt as dessert, uncivilized and uncultured; this isn’t true at all; the thing is most of the movies go to Morroco and shoot the most of the scenes, in respect, I love Morroco so much and it’s one of my favorites, but there are a lot of differences between both countries.

So, I know this was a lot but was important to get in-depth with the book and the movies.

I love the novel so much, that I can read it in every language I speak and never feel bored, the novel takes place in Egypt in 1937, tells us a story about the murder of “Linnet Ridgeway” and how it happened and solved by the detective “Poirot”; the novel adapted in 1944 in the theatre and 1946 in Broadway.

Then in Telveisition in 1950; then a movie in 1978, and BBC radio and last 2022 movie;


In the movie in 1978, the production took place in Egypt, in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Abu Simbel; a salute to them, I loved every scene and the script; I loved how they showed the beauty of Egypt, also told the crime story.

It showed the characters and told the story in a good way.


Nowadays we have technology and now Luxor and Aswan are amazing to shoot in, still the movie most shoot in the studio, and few in Egypt and Morroco; also the Visual Effect, the editing wasn’t the best like the usual.

Also, some changes in the characters, and I’m here not speaking about skin color or hair color, I’m speaking about the actors, Linnet was supposed to be in her 20s, Jackie was not supposed to be so pretty, yes beautiful but not like Linnet; those were samples of what I mean; I like Simon’s character that acted by Armie, it was nice; Poirot’s character too, I love it; yet, when I watched it I didn’t like it as I liked the Oriental express.

The movie wasn’t as I expected, even if it was delayed because of Covid or any other reasons, maybe should postpone it and review all the mistakes, sometimes while I was watching it was like unorganized scenes, of course, there were scenes that are different than the book, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was the feeling of watching scenes but not a movie.

The Visual Effect, when Poirot met Bouc in Giza Pyramids, the effects were so bad, why they didn’t come to the Pyramids and shoot it? yes, I know maybe because of covid!

I don’t know what to say about it, this movie, Gal isn’t fit in Linnet’s character; I didn’t feel her, I don’t know, this is my personal opinion, of course, my review on the movie, not to compare it with the old one, but I think the scriptwriter wanted to adopt the novel and put his touch, I’m not against and creativity or change; I’m just against the editing work, the visual effects, the choosing of the actors, not all of them again, but most.

And I’m not here to compare the writing styles between the old version and the new one; yet it was that good.

Still, I’ll advise you to watch it and give it a chance to build your opinion; watch the old one too if you didn’t because it was wonderful, it’ll be a nice chance to see some of the real Egypt.

Thank you all for being here and supporting me and following me; thanks for passing by and having time to read my post; thank you all for the love, support, and the encouragement you give to me.

Love you all and till the next time, stay safe, be healthy and smile always and never give up ❤ ❤ XO XO


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