Till Death

Hello everyone, how are you all? I missed you, yes, I always miss you. ❤ So how’s life so far? how are you doing?

I’m here today to write about one of my favorite shows in Ramdan 2022, I have never talked about Arabic shows or movies before, but I decided this time to talk about some of the shows airing on TV this Ramadan; so let’s grab our coffee or any drink you prefer, but if you are fasting like me; always join me and let’s go on a trip to one of the most famous shows nowadays this year and last year…

Last year, there was a show aired in Ramadan called “Till death” “للموت” this show made a lot of fans, a lot of people loved it and waited for the next season that now airs on TV; the stars acting in the show; Maguy Bou Ghosn, Danilla Rahma, Mohammed Al-Ahmed, and Bassem Moughnieh; those are the main actors; there are a lot more and I’ll talk about them more when we go ahead.

The show was written by Nadin Jaber, directed by Philip Asmer; the show tells us a story of two orphan girls, who ran from the orphanage and stayed on the street working and doing everything to earn money and eat; a girl called Sahar, her father raped her and her mother killed him once she knew, then tried to kill herself; the other girl called Wejdan, her mother left her in the orphanage.

They knew a boy and that boy was so close to them called Omar, who fell in love with Wejdan and became like a brother to Sahar; then they grew up to marry rich men and deceit them to take some of their money when they get divorce…

See in the first season, Wejdan called herself Reem and married a rich, handsome man called Hadi, and Sahar was trying to play on him…

I won’t tell more of the story and will let you watch it; you can find it on Shahid or the 1st part on Netflix; let me now talk about the actors; 1st Maguy;

She is one of the brilliant actors in Lebanon and I love her so much; every year she gives you something different, a different role and character; before till death, we watched her as a simple girl who love to write a daily blog, in Caramel and reading everyone’s minds when she ate a piece of Carmel candy…

She’s a wonderful actress, sometimes she’s simple and other times she’s tough, this year and last year, her role as Sahar was amazing and so different in her career; when you see her acting you don’t feel that this is an act and just an imaginary character, you feel as if she is real and you find yourself reacting with her in everything; you can’t hate her, but you find yourself love her and give her all the reasons for what she did and keep doing…

Hats off to her and excited to see more of Sahar till the end of the show and the character will finish.

2nd let’s talk about the beautiful Danilla;

Daniella isn’t just a pretty face to watch, she’s a wonderful actress and her roles prove that she can be different and act hard tough roles, maybe in the future we’ll see her in a more difficult role than before.

In this show we see her as Wejdan/Reem; we see the love and hate for her husband, the crazy girl who drinks a lot and smokes; we also see the deceitful girl; the role she does from the right and wrong; from the love she feels deeply in her heart for Hady and the hate she also feels for him; between love and hate who will win? between lies, hurt, pain, and a lot of secrets what will happen next?

In this show I’m waiting to see if Reem who loves Hady will win over Wejdan who loves Sahar, or the tragedy will hapen…

3rd, let me tell you about Mohammed;

Mohammed is a Syrian actor; I loved him so much in this show and especially the 2nd season; he became one of my favorites; we see him in this show as Hady, a rich, handsome, tall, and dark man; this show we see him in two different ways, one the man who loves his wife, the lover and good man; the man who felt betrayed when he knew about his wifes’ past.

Then we see him in this season as a crazy lover and hater, a curser who curses his wife for what she did and for the loss of his family; and a crazy lover who can’t move on her; the lover and hater who will do everything to take her back to him; who loves his wife so much and can’t see her in pain, but also he’s the only one who thinks has the right to give her that pain…

Also, the character will show more of its skin in this season as a weapons dealer, a bad man who had his money from dirty and bad ways; yet when you watch him you can’t hate him and still wich if there’s a happy ending for him and his wife in the show!

Mohammed is a great actor, not just because he can make you believe that he’s innocent or crazy or bad, but also because he can take any character and do as if it’s real; he also did the role of Adam in Beirut Bride the Lebanese show that adopted from the Turkish show Istanbul Bride; that role was brilliant and he showed us how much he can be crazy, tough and hard; and bold in his acting…

If you all know me well; you know I love crazy roles and actors who do them very well and Mohammed is amazing in any role he takes; wait to see more of him on TV and in Movies too.

Last but not least; Bassem;

One of my favorites; I can’t tell in words how much he’s a wonderful actor; an actor who proved he can do any role; crazy, bad or good, romantic or evil; an addicted or straight good man; a lover or hater.

In his role as Omar in the show, we see him as a crazy lover, the boy who loved Wejdan and grew up to be crazy about her; you hate him and feel empathy for him; the man who messed up everything in the name of love; he can’t give up that love even he knew she loves Hady.

We see the betrayal, the stupid actions he takes, and the thoughts that make everything so messed up…

In this show, we see a man whose drugs made him so bad, and life didn’t spare him from pain; this role is a hard role and the trouble maker of the show.

Another actor I want to talk about, the gust of the show this season and the 1st one; Badih Abu Shakra:

Hats off to the brilliant, amazing actor, who takes any role and makes the best of it; Badih is on my list at the top of it; I love him so much and love to see all his work; you see him as an as bad man, good one, romantic, hater, lover, addicted and many other roles; complex roles!

In this Show, he appeared in the 1st part for 3-4 episodes; a man Sahar deceived him and he fell in love with her; then in this part around 15 episodes we see a lot more of his character; the man who loved Sahar with all her bad and good; the man who wanted to give her a good life and save her from everything and everyone…

His acting makes you believe that the role is real, you cry because of him, love him, hate him, and much more; Badih is a wonderful actor and amazing, beyond all the words that I can write to describe him.

The show has a lot more; actors and actresses that are amazing in their roles even if it’s not as big as the main characters; like Sahar’s brother role acted by Fadi Abu Samra; the brother that loves money more than anyone and can do anything to have it; Carol Aboud as Sarya; a woman that funnily loves the money and evil.

Khitam El Leham; is an amazing actress, every role for her is better than the other; Randa Kaadi, is another wonderful actress, and hats off to both of them for their different roles and acting and every time makes us wait for the next project they’ll work on…

Khaled ElKeesh in the 1st season as Hady’s brother and Sahar’s husband; made us enjoy every scene; Wissam Sabbagh, the wonderful actor as Mahmoud who loves Sahar since they were kids; the man who wanted to be beside her to love her from far distance; the son who can do a lot for his family.

The little girl Talina, she’s amazu=ing, beyond amazing; she’s so little, yet she can act any role and kill it with perfection…

There are a lot more, whatever I wrote won’t be enough for them; this show is different from writing, to acting and directing; the twists and plots are amazing, and excited to see the end. Hats off to Nadine the writer who proved that we can write different stories and be good at it; not just drama alone or romantic or revenge; but also Thriller, blending with romance, revenge, and Drama; a show that has all…

Thank you all for being here with me and having time to read this post; thank you for following me, passing by, and liking my content; love you all, till the next time stay safe, smile, and never give up your dreams. XO XO ❤ ❤


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