Erotica, is it art or not?

Hello, everyone; I miss you all; how’s everything with you? How’s life so far? I hope everything is well and good…

By the way, how’s the weather? It’s very hot in Egypt; Summer isn’t my favorite season, but anyway, I hope it’ll end soon 😀 so here we are again, back to the track in writing with something that might be harsh, strong like dark roasted coffee, has a lot of opinions about and criticism, and might not be the daily normal topic to talk about or discuss…

Let’s have our coffee, something strong to stay focused, maybe iced or hot, no matter what it’s, this drink should be strong 😉 😀

Today I’ll talk to you about Erotica; yes, as you read it, Erotica; let’s ask some questions, what is erotica? what is it about? is it art? is it literature? or is it bad? or a guilty pleasure? or a point of view, different from me to you to another? Are all the readers and writers women? or are there men who write it, read it and paint it too?

You might have read about its history and philosophy and so on, but I’ll not just talk about its history or philosophy, I’ll also talk about it from my point of view.

Let’s agree that Erotica isn’t pornography, both are different, erotica is a mix of emotions, feelings, passion, love, story, fiction, and sexual relationship, even in art like paintings, and photos, it’s not just a photo of nudity or a sexual position to arouse you sexually; there will always be a story behind it and not just the artist point of view or story, everyone might see it differently from their experiences and their backgrounds!

Pornography is explicit sex, with no story behind them; it’s only pure sex, no emotions, no love, and nothing but sexual intercourse.

So they are different, from the way of making it to how you see and react to them? When did it begin? How did it begin? And what is its purpose?

Egypt is the oldest in the world; in general, in our forms of art, we don’t write, draw, or form any sexual art; but there was something found, rudimentary sketches of heterosexual intercourse have been found on pottery fragments and in graffiti. The Turin Erotic Papyrus; Egyptian papyrus scroll discovered at Deir el-Medina showing men and women in various sexual positions.

Let me take you back by time, while there where no writing, no books, nothing but the art of painting and drawing; in our Egyptian Culture people created the drawing on walls and created the first papers, to connect and tell history; even before our ancestors since the 1st human, human’s body was always a mystery, a question everyone wants answers for, a subject to calculate beauty and health, and one of the main basics of connecting to make love or sex.

Through the times before writing books, paintings were the only form of art in every nation and land; discovering the body parts not just medically but also for the pure purpose of art and for the pleasure of knowing our bodies and how beautiful they can be.

After that, the writing began, and with it, began poetry, novels, short stories, newspapers, and so on.
The oldest poem located was Istanbul 2461, an erotic monologue written by a woman who didn’t mention her name. And that wasn’t everything: throughout history, Persian history, and Indian been found a lot of poems and stories contain Erotic.

Let me move forward and go to the era of the legends, William Shakespeare, and many more writers who wrote amazing plays and stories; Shakespeare wrote the erotic poems Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece.

Let’s move again to the 19th century; did you ever read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde or watched any of the movies?
If not, please, read it or watch the movie made in 2009; it has scenes that are sexually arousing, and it’s not an erotic book, the book in its time when Oscar published it, many people refused those types of stories.

People in that era, 19th century or 18th or 17th, erotic books were there but hidden on the shelves, while the paintings of nudity men and women were put in public to be seen and shown off; the readers were wealthy men, not women, because of the morals and virtue standards.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, erotic literature became famous, while many of the recognizing writers are women and readers too nowadays, although there are many male writers and readers of this kind.
Here comes a question; why most of the writers now are women and readers too? In fine art schools; around the world, the first thing to learn how to draw is the women’s bodies; yes, women, the object is the women; the object of beauty, health, and sex is women!
Why? Maybe because it’s more interesting because of men who were studying everything from art to medicine and all! Or maybe who put the rules were men; I don’t know this and will not get into this topic now…

Not all of the movies that were adapted from erotic novels were good; like fifty shades of Gray; fun fact, that was my first erotic reading; anyway I’m not a fan of the movie, even though I love the actors, but still, the movie didn’t give the book its right; it was like cutting the story to make some sex scenes, maybe the 2nd and 3rd parts were not bad, but for sure not as good as the books.

Many of you might agree that Fifty shades weren’t the best erotic novel and there are a lot of novels better than it, but it’s a simple example of some movies that made the story poor and it looked like showing off some nude sexy actors 😀 Erotic isn’t about just nudity or sex, it’s about the sexual action that comes from love, from lust, from feelings, not just a one-night stand or some porn or whatever; it’s an act of love and emotions in the form of art as writing, painting, movies, and photos.

Maybe you go to a gallery to some photographer and see some of his/her work nude men or women or both; you look at this work and you feel something; you don’t know if there is a story behind taking this photo or not; or is there a relationship between the photographer and the model or it’s just a photo, but for you, it’ll touch something inside you, maybe sexually, maybe a memory, maybe something in your background you lived it; whatever it’s for you, this is erotic in my definition.

It’s a story mixed with the sexual act to arouse you sexually and trigger some emotions; it’s different from me to you to another; so is it bad or a guilty pleasure? it’s not bad nor a guilty pleasure; it’s art, literature, and a way to express sexual feelings that are very normal because it’s one of our natures as humans.

Back to movies, some movies are not taken from books; some are good, some not so good because again the movie didn’t concentrate on the story, only some nudity and sex scenes; what about movies like Troy or Titanic, are they erotic movies? No, one is a historical movie and for the purpose of romance had some scenes; also the other is a Romantic movie; telling a story of a famous ship and some fiction romantic story; yeah, most of the romantic movies are 18+ because they put some scenes and even shows like Vampire Diaries, Riverdale and so on are not erotic; they are shows and movies with stories and some sex scenes and nudity to spicy it up.

Although some movies and shows don’t have nudity or sex scenes or whatever; so back to erotic; not every nudity and sex scene is erotic but erotic is a form of the sexual act coming from a background story of the main protagonists…

For example; in Tom Cruise’s movies like Top Gun or Mission impossible 2, there were sex scenes; but they are not erotic; while Eyes wide shut with Nicole Kidman was erotic because this one had a story in the background, also had sex scenes and nudity that powered up that story; so to make it easier, some stories need the sexual act to tell that story, some don’t need that at all or the writers leave it to your imagination…

Well here we are at the end, don’t be mad at me, I’m not a shy writer, I tried my best not to write something bad, but I wrote this because some people still feel ashamed of reading those kinds of novels and hide it; don’t be, because I think it’s not bad; finally; thank you all for reading this and following me; thanks for encouraging me and be here for me; thanks for who passes by and read on my blog posts; thank you all; love you; till the next time, be safe, stay safe, have a good life, smile always and never give up. ❤ ❤


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