Spooky Night

Hello Everyone, How’re you? How’s life? I miss you as always and here I come to give you a chilling spooky night; if you’re afraid don’t enter. 😉

Grab your coffee, or any drink you prefer, and come with me to get our tickets for a spooky night and some spooktacular movies and shows; let’s begin our slide show without any further ado…

If you are a fan of Disney, Hocus Pocus is your thing, the two parts are excellent, for me, I loved the 1st part in 1993, but the 2nd part is lovely and a must-see.

A dose of a teenage Boo, won’t harm anyone, will it? you must find out 😉

“Wednesday’s At That Very Special Age When A Girl Has Only One Thing On Her Mind”

Adams Family

And what’s your costume dear? noting, this is my costume, Wednesday is a real deal, and the Adams Family are just like any family who has their issues 😀

Are you a fan of some magic, let’s ride the train in 9 3/4, and go to Hogwarts to join Harry Potter and his friends ❤

Everything is strange in life, but those things are stranger than life itself, let’s join the team and have a night binging stranger things.

Did you read the book, if not a fan of books, let’s watch the headless freaky warrior, either the movie or the show, both are spooky. 😉

If you have a phobia of clowns don’t enter this screen, Penny is the worst, It is one of my favorites By Stephen King, watch the old movie or new one or even read the book all are horrifying…

It might be two in one, a Halloween movie and Christmas Movie, Nightmare before Christmas is a good choice for a family spooky night ❤

Wake up, wake up, don’t dream of him or he will take you; Nightmare on Elm Street is another favorite and classic Halloween movie.

A fan of R.L.Stine, this trilogy is spooktacular for your watching list, don’t enter fear street if you’re not ready for what you are going to see…

Hello Sabrina, let’s have some magic, dark and spooky, and enjoy a birthday on Halloween…

Be ready to meet a new club, and join the ride for some stories, not any stories, ghost stories, evil stories, and death; join the midnight club at 12 AM sharp, and bring your cup for a drink…

Are you a classic one? here’s your choice, Halloween 1978, classic, evil, and horrifying. run, and hide if you can…

Your family hates Halloween, and won’t decorate! Hmmm, let’s make them watch The curse of Bridge Hollow, and maybe they will change their minds.


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