The Murder neighborhood (Part 2)

It rains again, Elsa and Dario are on their way to Joshua’s house;

Elsa knocked on the door and looked around;

“Yes,” a lady opened the door.

“Hello, is Joshua here?” Elsa asked

“yes, hi, Dario, is everything okay?”

“Yes, Mrs. Montgomry;” Daario said

“Come in,”

“Thank you,” Elsa and Dario said.

“Please, sit, I’ll call him now.”

She showed them the way to the living room, and called her son, “Do you want to drink anything?” she asked.

“No, thanks,” they answered.

Elsa stood up and looked around her, the house is good, and big, she went out of the living room, looked at the stairs, and had a glimpse of the kitchen and the back door.

Joshua came; and said hi to Dario;

“You’re Joshua?” Elsa asked,

He looked at her; “Yes,”

“How are you?”


“Did you know about your girlfriend?”

“No, what’s going on?”

“She died, killed…” Dario answered him. “Come and Sit, Joshua.”

The boy started crying, Dario took him and Elsa handed him a tissue.”Please, try to calm down and hear me, I want you to call your friends and get them here now..” Elsa asked him.

Joshua took out his phone and called all his friends to come as soon as possible…

His friends arrived; Elsa gathered them and told them about last year’s murders and their friend Lina was killed too and the murders began again…

“I’m not telling you this to worry or freak out; I want one thing from you, you have to stay at one place and your families too, we will put some guards on you.”

“What, how, and where?” a girl said.

Elsa looked at her, “You’re Nadine?”

“Yes,” Nadine answered.

Elsa sat in front of the girl on the coffee table; “Listen, my dear, there is a killer out there, I don’t care if you sleep on the floor, all I care about is your lives and your families; so get into one of your houses and take simple things; don’t go to the dance or parties and close your doors…”

“Call your families now and get them all here,” Dario asked them.

On the night, of 29 October;

“No one from this house should get out, don’t sleep, don’t even look at your phone or lose sight of this house…” the sheriff ordered the policemen.

Elsa and Dario went to the local coffee shop; “Here, everyone comes and goes, so they all know each other, right?” Elsa Asked

“Yes,” Dario answered.

“Good, go inside and ask the waiters and everyone if they saw someone unfamiliar to them; I’ll go inside and be like a traveler or something…”


Dario went inside before Elsa; she stayed in the car for a while and waited for the sheriff to come to be with Dario as they agreed to; the sky is dark, so dark like no other night she witnessed before; the rain is heavy and the sound of it like the clock knocking the end of another life; Elsa felt something that made her shiver; someone was watching and she feels those things; that 6th sense she has…

The Sheriff arrived and got into the coffee shop; she waited a little bit, and then went inside; again she noticed Ruby’s Brother; that should not be wired; it’s normal to go out of that house that his sister killed in!

Leo saw her, he raised his hand to say hi to her and called her to sit with him; she went to him; “Hi, Leo,” she said.

“Hi, Nancy, How are you?”

“Good, and you?”

“Fine, sit, please; do you want to eat or drink or both?” He asked.

She smiled, “I’ll have coffee…”

Leo called the waiter and asked her to get two black coffee… “So, how’s our city?”

“It’s good, but I heard things about murders and one happened this morning!”

“Yes, Lina, I knew about that; my sister was killed in the same way too…” He stopped and the tears filled his eyes…

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know!”

“Don’t be,”

“What happened? you don’t know who did this?

“The police still investigating and I hate that they couldn’t find anything till now and the killing happens again!” he said angrily.

At the same time, in Joshua’s house where all are staying there;

“Come man, what harm will do if you go and got us a coffee?” the man said to his colleague.

“The Sheriff said not to move, man!”

“We are here, don’t worry, just go fast and back with our donuts and coffee, go!” the man said.

The other man hesitated for a second and then went to buy the donuts and coffee…

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Elsa said.

“You know, I told them that my sister was good, she never hated anyone or did anything to anyone; except one time…”He stopped suddenly and looked around.


“She was with her friends and they did a prank on one of their teachers; her name is Nina; it was on the Halloween of their first year at high school…”

“What was the prank and why they did do it?”

“You know teenagers, and it was almost Halloween, something like trick or treat; they put things on every teacher’s desk drawers, like fake skeletons and spiders and some stinky things and moving mummies toys; then each teacher found it funny; but Nina, their math teacher, she fell down and went to the hospital; her heart is weak, she hates Halloween…”

The policeman who went to buy the donuts and coffee, on his way back, he heard a sound, looked around him, but nothing, continue his way and again the sound, looked again and no one was there, the sky keeps getting darker like it will turn to black…

He moved fast, and suddenly a shadow appeared to him, a shadow of a man holding something; he walked faster, but the shadow was closer, the coffee and donuts fell and he held his gun; “Who’s there?”

“Come out, come out wherever you’re!” the voice said…

“Who are you? show yourself now!”

“I’ll play with you when I catch you!”

“I’ll shoot you, show yourself!” the man frustrated and screamed, “Show yourself!”

Suddenly a knife hit the back of the policeman, twice, the man looked behind him; saw a fit shape with a face mask, the shape hit him again and again, stabbed him till he died…

“Is she okay now?” Elsa asked

“Who? oh you mean Nina, yes, she’s” Leo answered.

“You think she’s the killer?”

“No, She can’t, she has a weak heart and is afraid of Halloween and hates it…”

The waiter brought to them the coffee,

“So who do you think the killer is?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t think he’s from the city or the neighborhood…”

Elsa stopped talking for a minute, and suddenly she remembered on her way to the city seeing a house, seemed like no one was living in that house, “I remembered something, I don’t know if it’s related or not, but want to ask about the house on the side of the road, the abandoned house when I got into to city I saw it?? she asked.

“Oh, that house, belonged to a family that lived here and was from the founders of this city; but they all died in a fire and no one came to live in it again…”

“When that happened?”

“About 40 years or something!”

She stopped talking again…

“Nadine, please, sit…” Melissa said.

“That’s a mistake, we should be at school, decorating for the party!” Nadine said furiously.

“Oh, babe, please, they will do it; don’t worry; let’s 1st get rid of that killer and be safe!” Louis said and hugged her.

She stepped back, “No one will ruin my idea for this party and no one is me, Louis!”

The power cut off…

Joshua opened his flashlight, and he called his mother; “What’s going on, Mom?”

“It’s okay, dear, maybe the weather affected the power or something…”

“Come out, come out wherever you’re…let’s play..” the voice said

“Did you hear that, guys?” Louis asked

“Come out, If I find you, I’ll play with you…”

“Who is that? Melissa asked; they went out of the room and called their parents, but no answer, they went downstairs, and all they can see were the bodies of their families…

The girls screamed and called for the policemen….and again no answer…

“Come out, come out…”The voice said again and laughed…

To be continued

Wait for the last part…


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